Monday, June 06, 2016

I fell in love with Texas...

A few months back, my husband decided to surprise me with tickets to a 2-day event called the Business Boutique put on by Christy Wright. He listens to Dave Ramsey every day during commute and she is a Ramsey Personality as well as a certified business coach, specializing in empowering women in business. I must admit I was resistant to go at first. I thought what do I need this for? Then I slapped good ol' ego to the curb and realized I needed to be open to any opportunity that was coming my way to help better me in every way! We loaded up, flew Virgin Air first class (easier with a little) and off we went. If you have not flown Virgin, you must! Their airline is so clean, friendly, punctual and just plain amazing. If you have ever passed by their ticket counters you'd know why. They have the music, hip lights and everyone is so friendly that you're like, can I have a glass of kool-ade too?! We have flown them numerous times now and literally fall in love more and more each time we do. However, I wish they flew out of Oakland but for now it is SF. 
If you follow along on snapchat (theparlorgirl) then you saw more of the daily details from our trip. Here are some snippets from our amazing trip that was a little work and play and I will break it up into several posts so I do not bombard you all at once.
^^I packed light-only 8 bags and a baby(joggers @shop9fifteen)

^^someone is getting comfy

^^thank goodness my mouth is not open too haha

Fort Worth, TX 
We landed in Love Field and did not realize how far apart Dallas and Fort Worth were. So we drove and drove lol. We pulled into Fort Worth the city of cowboys and culture at about 6pm and driving thru the downtown with all the brick buildings, I knew I was in love at first sight. I love any city that has lights in their trees, people walking about outside (warm weather) and music. We parked and went to dinner and upon walking in, they had a set of steer horns on the back wall that were the biggest I have ever seen and I about fell over in love. I wish I could remember the name but D was starting to act crazy and I was getting frazzled. 
We stayed at the Fort Worth Omni, which is right across the street from the convention center. And the best part is- Starbucks is downstairs in the lobby!! This hotel was the perfect introduction to Texas. The valet attendants were so friendly- a few had on cowboy hats, the front desk staff so welcoming and the decor was huge and over the top gorgeous. There was an enormous fireplace in the lobby with gorgeous lanterns and large high back chairs, the restaurant was amazing and the pool had a super shallow are for little ones. We even used the fitness center which had a great selection of cardio, weight machines and free weights. Plus, the location was great because you could walk downtown, to Sundance Square, different restaurants and Aaron even took Danica to the zoo one day. 
^^brisket pie & mac n cheese

^^cowboy hat display in the convention center

^^loved this brick wall -1st day outfit post here

^^2nd day outfit -dress/bomber/jeans/shoes

^^my loves

^^typical decor loved it

^^giving dada kisses

^^so warm out at night! I loved it

^^these were everywhere -nopales so pretty!!

I had told my hubs that if I did not like the conference (which ran from 8:30-6 each day) then I would ditch out early. Well, I was in love with it so I stayed the entire time. The first day, I walked out of Starbucks in the morning and was waiting at the crosswalk and met a sweet girl named Amy. She was instantly so easy to talk to and we hung around the whole two days. I love making a friend because then the group activities aren't so nerve racking. I don't want to blast her business on the internet, but I will say, she runs an amazing book club group that has been going for many years and she is uber talented with sewing and making handmade items!! Plus, she is the sweetest thing ever and totally reminded me of my childhood best friend. 
^^that mural of the long horns!!! LOVE

^^loved all the brick buildings and architecture

The second day, was even better than the first. They had INCREDIBLE speakers and all sorts of social media information that rocked my world. The convention center air was on super blast and then when you went outside, it was roasting hot and humid. I am not use to that kind of weather. Amy and I went downtown to lunch at this great little mexican restaurant meanwhile, hubs started sending me listings for homes. If you're not in CA then this might not be a big deal to you but where we live it is so expensive for a basic home. In Texas, you can get a 5 bedroom, 4 bath, 3 car garage, pool, totally redone and amazing inside for 250,000+ (well over triple that in CA!!) Crazy!!! I was so happy I had attended the conference that I was on a little energy high for our entire trip. It pumped me up for what I am going to be expanding on in the future and I cannot wait to share it with all of you. 

That wraps up our 3 nights in Fort Worth, Texas at the Omni Hotel. Stay tuned as we drove south to Waco, Austin and San Antonio!

Thanks for reading!! xxB

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