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Hello friends! Welcome to the first series of #girltalk
grab a coffee and lets chit-chat shall we?!
I started asking around to see what people may be interested in and after compiling what my friends, clients and emails all requested,  I have decided to talk a little about life and fashion. You may remember that I wrote this post when I was pregnant all about the stuff they do not tell you and everyone loved it. I am going to begin with a few of your questions this week and see where it takes us...
1. What inspired you to start blogging?
I started blogging as a way to share all of my beauty parlor tips and tricks. Then as time went on, I would occasionally do an outfit post (as I have always loved fashion) and I saw that more people were viewing that, which inspired me to head more in that direction. My sister was a huge push for me to keep at it, encouraging me to take pictures all the time and writing, writing, writing! Thanks Bean!

2. Do you have a job other than blogging? If so, is it easy to manage both?
Yes, I am a wife, mother and a hairstylist. It can be tricky juggling all of it but my hubs is an awesome supporter and I believe that staying organized with lists truly helps. I am old school and still love to write things down. This planner is amazing and I also love the wunderlist app on the iPhone. 

3. What inspires you daily?
Everything! Trees, leaves, flowers, the sky. Looking out the window this moment, seeing the white tree trunks with yellow leaves is a beautiful color combo for white jeans, mustard sweater and throw in a denim jacket to top it off. You can find inspiration everywhere. Remember to put down the phone and unplug occasionally ;) 

4. Who takes your pictures and what kind of camera do you use?
Here are my photographers... I am completely self-taught and as I know they are not perfect at times, we are learning as we go. I use a Canon DSLR and a 50mm lens

5. What fashion trends are you currently loving?
I am super into flare jeans right now. They make your legs look super long and lean and the booty also looks fab!! I have this pair and this pair and just ordered these!

6. Name 3 beauty products you could not live without:
1// this lipstick has become a staple
2// completely obsessed with this brightener
3// this foundation will always be my fave!

7. How would you describe your {personal} style?
That's a tough question to answer. I am all over the place when it comes to fashion as I dress completely on my mood, so you know it is totally different from day to day. But, for the most part, I love ripped jeans (as I am in CA & love a semi laid back style) with heels, cozy sweaters, band tees and blazers, comfy kicks and boots galore!

8. Tell us one funny thing about you... 
I don't ever go a day without talking to my sister! Ok for real, I grew up running a wood splitter and cutting firewood. Ha!! Thanks Dad ;)

Please feel free to email me any questions that you would like answered to 

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