Tuesday, November 10, 2015

how to // be a stylish mama in 2 steps

how to be a stylish mama parlor girl
grey felt hat with black leather band
gold and white new balance sneakers
mom style parlor girl
grey plaid blanket scarf
how to wear a blanket scarf
fall grey accessories hat scarf
mother daughter style parlor girl
how to wear a scarf grey plaid
blue pencil dress
parlor girl gold accessories
how to dress like a cute mom
pencil dress- old, similar at Nordstrom | hat- J Crew | blanket scarf- Forever 21(here are more options & love this green onehere are more choices that are budget friendly | sneakers- New Balance (in loooove!) | sunglasses- Forever 21 | hat- Hinge | fitbit- Charge HR | watch- Michael Kors | bracelets- Stella & DotNadri | earrings- Old Navy
I am here to tell you that you can totally be stylish and still be a mama. I promise you it does not take much. You don't even have to put on makeup or do your hair if you do not want to. In just two simple steps you are on your way. All you have to do is add a couple of accessories. 
#1 // Hats this season are everywhere and completely budget friendly like this one and this one or if you are willing to spend more, I really love this one. They are a great option to hide un-done hair and look totally stylish. You can wear them with leggings to jeans to dresses as they are completely versatile. 
#2 // Scarves are another hot accessory this fall and winter. They also, are all over the place ranging from skinny to blanket. I prefer a blanket scarf as there are way more options for styling them on you. A blanket scarf can also double as a hooter hider for those of us nursing mamas. See and you can still look chic! If you have the extra time, throw on your big sunglasses and a quick pair of earrings and you 'll be the most stylish mama in town or the drop-off line. 
Can we talk about these sneakers for a minute? They are seriously a favorite of mine. They are totally comfortable and look exceptionally cute paired with this dress. I wear my sneakers with everything. If you remember this post, I wore them with trousers too. I highly recommend getting a pair of sneakers as they can add a simple bit of casual cool to your outfit.  
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