Friday, September 11, 2015

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Does Friday come and go so fast for anyone else? Maybe it is because my baby is almost one and I have an enormous time reminder each and every week making me hyper-aware of how fast time actually goes! However, I absolutely love this time of year. I am going to consciously try to will it to slow a little. 

I recently streamlined our bedroom nightstand decor and added the cutest little wishbone jewelry dish on my side. I of course am obsessed with white bedding but my hubs not so much so we compromise with petty white sheets that are oh so soft and comfy. Plus, having 3 4-leggers and a little in your bed can make white a bit dirty really fast. 

I am so ready for fall's dark nails but am trying not to rush it too much as I do not want to tire from them early. Sticking with pretty neutral nail colors, definitely helps with the transition. Love this IBD Dockside Diva gel polish. 

Of course it is pumpkin season and I am in heaven! I keep adding pumpkin scents all over the house and in my coconut milk lattes... Hubs asks "why do we need pumpkin poo spray?" I just say "we need pumpkin everything, duhhh..."

Any shoe that laces up and has a pointy toe, I am all over right now. These black beauties are so gorgeous to wear and a total fave. Do not forget to size up a 1/2 and you will love them with everything from shorts to skirts to jeans.

I cannot get into September without pulling out all my plaid! Obsessssssed!!

Happy Friday... Thanks for stopping by. xx, B

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  1. omg that bag on your nightstand. swoooon!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away