Friday, July 10, 2015

decorating with cacti

I live in California and in case you have not heard, we are in a bit of a drought. Most of us have let our lawns go or they appear to be very meager if you haven't. When we moved into our new house last December I knew we had a few rose bushes but was not sure of their capabilities until spring arrived. They have made me fall in love with flowers all over again. I had a medley of bright colorful blooms for weeks and not only did they look gorgeous, they made our home smell amazing! Now their blooming has slowed way down so another alternative I have fallen for is decorating with cactus plants. They have an amazing array of them at our home stores for indoor and outdoor use as well. We recently planted them in pots all around our pool and in various places directly in the ground. They still need some water but nearly as much as the rest of the yard. Here are a few inspiration pics for decorating with cacti at home.

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