Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fall: Hair, Skin & Nails

Caviar | Its a 10 | Aussie | Coconut Oil
Hair// Fall for hair means the end of Summer which is typically very hard and drying on our lovely locks. We have all spent a number of days enjoying the sun, pools and other outdoor water activities that wreak havoc on our ends, not to mention trims are usually spaced out a little longer as everyone wants those long beachy do's during the Summer. When Fall approaches I always love to give my clients these simple steps of advice. Get a healthy trim to rid your ends of all the dry damage, use an overnight leave-in like the Caviar or Coconut Oil and Deep Condition once a week for 4-straight weeks! That should help soften your locks right back into gorgeous manageable hair. 

Bodywash | Sponge | Lotion
Skin// Fall skin is very similar to Fall hair. Wrapping up Summer from spending many days outside, exposed to sun can mean a bit more dryness and less supple skin. Or, if you were pregnant all Summer like me, I was just plain dry! I think I found a wonderful cocktail that has made my skin look, feel and smell amazing over the last couple weeks. First, I bought this loofah at target (two-toned) as they were out of my regular one. I put the body wash on it and went to town scrubbing and thought I was in pain as all of my skin was red. It was almost uncomfortable the first two times but then by my third shower I thought 'I need to go back and buy a dozen of these sponges to have on hand'. I was sold. I had been searching for a more moisturizing lotion with not a lot of scent as I have been really sensitive to smells and came out with this Jergens one. Normally, I love to wear Coconut Oil all Summer on my skin but I think because I am pregnant and running warmer than normal, I felt greasy all the time and did not like that. So only the belly got lubed in Coconut Oil and the rest of me got the lotion. By the third night of this skin combo, I noticed my skin glowing in bed. My skin is so soft and hydrated, I highly recommend all three of these products to nourish your skin back from Summer dryness. Also, on a side note, when you do want to wear perfume, I have not had these compete with my perfumes. The lotion scent is faint enough that I have not experienced it conflicting with any of my personal perfumes. 

Tan | Military | Brown | Burgundy
Nails// Fall fingers have me giddy! Maybe it is the nail polish hoarder in me or maybe just the fact that I looooove change. Whatever it is here are four of my Fall faves for polish so far. You can never go wrong with a tan/nude, the military/camo green is subtle and I just can't wait to get my fingers on it or it on my fingers ;], I always love a good brown for Fall and the Bahama-Mama burgundy I literally have on my toes and fingers right now! Love!!

What are some of your favorite Fall hair, skin and nail products?
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  1. Thanks for sharing these! I love using coconut oil in my hair and on my face/body. Those Essie colors are so pretty.

    xo Azu

    1. You're welcome, coconut oil is amazing for such an array of things and the body!! Happy Weekend ;]


  2. I like using Aveda products on my hair because its so dry all the time! I also like wearing Essie fall colors (like those reds and greys you have pictured!) and wearing Revlon in the color "Vixen".
    Hope you may check out my blog, too!

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