Monday, September 15, 2014

Fall: Change Is In The Air

Happy Monday Loves! 
I have preset a series of Fall Faves for this week in anticipation of baby girl arriving. Hubs asked the other day "what if she doesn't come this week?" I said "I am only thinking positive and hope she gets her little butt here ASAP!" 
I am so hopped up on Fall that I think I have been anticipating it for days, mostly because it means baby girl will be here but then of course because of all the fashion related change that is in the air! 
When I think of Fall I cannot help but to get excited for cooler weather, all things plaid, pumpkin, darker, cozier, kick up your heel boots, scarves and lovely toppers for your head. I love the chilliness in the morning air, the scent of pumpkin and spiced candles, the layering of clothes, candy corns and pumpkin spice in your Starbucks coffee. 

Anyways, since I am overjoyed with Fall approaching, Tuesday September 23rd cannot arrive fast enough. I picked up a copy of Marie Claire over the weekend after all what else is a 10 month prego to do on a wild Saturday night and found a great little article from the editor Anne Fulenwider about Change being good. I loooove change! She goes on to say that September is like the Fashion worlds New Year with change being all about the new and different with possibility instead of predictability. Did she nail it or what? I could not have said it better myself. Marie Claire is celebrating 20 years this month in the US and with that they are doing all sorts of different things featuring (#20) in honor of their 20 years! At the end of her article she lists 20 risks every women should take, sort of similar to some things that would be on your bucket list or that apply to life. So even though Fall is typically about fashion change, why not let it be about life change as well?! We always have room to better ourselves, change things up and dream a little more for our lives. 
With all that being said I am going to make a list of 20 things that I feel are important to me, as a woman or are empowering that I may have already done or hope to accomplish whether it is on my maternity leave, through Fall, the end of the year or just plain things in life I feel the need to do. 
And like Anne says at the end "you won't know what you're capable of until you try and that is the first step towards change!" Thank you Anne! I love strong women that inspire me!
  1. Go skydiving*
  2. Drive cross country*
  3. Try a new hairstyle*
  4. Volunteer 
  5. Think of something you have always wanted to do and start doing it* 
  6. Write a book 
  7. Smile at people first* 
  8. Don't worry about what others think 
  9. Give more money 
  10. Give more time 
  11. Laugh more 
  12. Keep a journal 
  13. Make food from your own garden 
  14. Get more politically involved 
  15. Travel to a foreign country 
  16. Unplug more 
  17. Rescue a pet* 
  18. Own your own business* 
  19. Run a race* 
  20. Go a new way (take a new route to work or walk a new way into work or a new exercise or park in a different area-break your routine)
*=things I have already done
Well there are my 20. Some I have already done, some I would like to do more of but most importantly all are achievable in the near future! 
What does fall mean to you? 
Can you come up with a list of 20?
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