Tuesday, June 03, 2014

#girltalk Pregnancy / What Has Changed

((( 24 W E E K S  & unedited photos)))
Why have a six pack when you can have a pony keg?! 

Hello! Today I am going to get a little bit open and honest and bring out some wonderfully true things that have taken place in the female bod. Today marks my 25th week and I am full blown into the second trimester and feeling amazing! Now, I grew up with a mother as an RN, my sis is an RN Labor & Delivery nurse (thank GOODNESS) and many other family members are and were in the medical field. But... nothing prepares you for what this little escapade of pregnancy brings to the table of the female body! Besides the bulging belly, there are a multitude of other things taking place!
Disclaimer: Gonna be gettin a lil personal ;]
Nausea - I was completely sick for the first 14 weeks solid. This was absolute hell. I swear I could barely get out of bed, throw something on, hair in a bun and maybe a little mascara. I lived on ginger ale and soda crackers and seriously cannot look at either of them in my pantry whatsoever! My nausea was like feeling hungover. Constantly tired, felt like I was going to barf or gag in the back of my throat all day, everyday. I do hair and stand all day long so I had to fake my way thru work, excuse myself a few times and dry heave in the bathroom or lunch room. I am not a good sick person or a downer type. The nausea really started taking a toll on me and I began to feel depressed. I wanted to punch people in the face that said/say they never got nausea,  hated it when people asked me why I wore a bun everyday and just plain wanted to stay in bed all day everyday. Right about the time I felt like the world was coming down on me, I woke up on the morning of my 14th week, peeled one eye lid open then the next and jumped out of bed doing high-kicks and cart wheels for joy! It was gone. Thankfully. My sis has had it for 5, 6 and 7 months so I am grateful that my 14 weeks were enough. 
Energy - or lack there of! This hit me like a truck! Sure the nausea left me but then the tired truck came. It was so bad I had a pillow and blanket in my car. I literally had to go out while a color was processing or for a 20 minute break (and if you know me, I don't take breaks at work-I don't have time for breaks cuz Im BUSY) and sleep! OMG I would text my sweet friend D and be like whats wrong with me I am sleeping in my car... She said it was totally normal an had to do the same! So be prepared for the tired truck!!
The hit by a tired truck lasted for about a month. Once that petered out, I now will sit and watch an episode with hubs at night and all of a sudden I'm out. Like head falls over and boom. Gonner. Sometimes he'll say hey are you sleeping and I kind of look around like uh yah, I guess. That still goes on and I swear it is uncontrollable. Then I began to feel normal. One Tuesday my hubs came home from work, music blaring Fleetwood Mac, Talking Heads and Sawyer Brown only to find me rocking out with vacuum out and cleaning supplies strewn all over. Yes, my friends, energy came back, thank goodness because my house went to shit real baaaaad and needed a deep clean. I have to say that I am still in this phase and wake up feeling great everyday. 
Coffee - The love of my life... Waaaaaaaa It sure has changed and not by choice! I love coffee. I love mornings. I love the way coffee tastes, smells and feels running down your throat. I loved 2 cups in the morning, one when I got to work and sometimes an afternoon pick-m-up! And now, do I dare say? I barely squeak one down in the morning. Sometimes, sometimes I can take on 1/2 a cup at work if I start to fade after lunch but I have to confess: Coffee does not taste the same ;[ Booooooo! SO sad. That's alright my little girl is already a cheerleader inside and I don't think she needs to be hopped up on anything else. 
Workouts - They are definitely different. You just do not have the stamina like you did, plain and simple. I ran 3 1/2 marathons last year, have competed in several figure competitions, so you know I am not a slacker, but this is totally different. And you have to roll with it! I will write an entirely separate post on Pregnancy Workouts because I have some fun stuff to share. But most importantly Stay Active!
Soda - Bye bye diet pepsi! Haven't had one since December and reaaaaaaaaaly miss it ;] 
Now the personal stuff...
Gas - I have felt my little mover and shaker since about 18 weeks. I did not know I was feeling her the first two weeks because I had gas and that felt exactly the same/similar as the flutters. Gas is not new to me but the kind where you walk and it just flows out is. It is seriously uncontrollable. You can try, but it still finds its own way out. And you have to let it out otherwise your tummy aches soooo bad. 
Discharge - Yep, said the nasty word we as females hate! Ewwww who wants that?! Well, word to the wise, we all will get it! I kept thinking I wasn't and then one day it happens. Totally normal due to the fact that the birth canal needs protection from infection and it also aids in helping to keep a normal balance of bacteria. Thin panty liners totally help keep you feeling dry and clean and are super easy to tote around. 
Skin - My skin has completely become dry. Not lizzardish but itchy dry. Another normal side affect and completely tolerable. I also have gotten two skin tags which are totally normal and I will have removed after. I have started using coconut oil all over my body day and night, which totally helps and feels amazing. 
Heartburn - Tums are my best friend. Sometimes I lay down at night and then have to elevate after chomping 2 tums for relief. I have never had heartburn EVERRR until now 
Bleeding Gums - I flossed and thought I popped a blood vessel one night. It freaked me out then I gagged from the taste of the blood in my mouth. It was bleeding like a mo-fo and uncontrollable. So I kept rinsing with cold water and after a couple minutes it simmered. I still floss, but totally soft and gently. 
Leg Cramps - Just started last week. A calf spasm jolted me out of bed screaming. Now my right foot is doing it most of the time. More bananas and stretches are about all that help. 
Aches and Pains - I am 5'10" so you could imagine the growing pains I had from 6th-7th grade summer. I now have those again in my abdominal area. I literally can lay there in the morning and feel my tummy and obliques stretching. It is so crazy and slightly painful. Sometimes, after I have worked a full day and had been standing all day, my lower tummy feels a lot of pressure and stretching and it friction hurts. So I rush home and lay on the love seat like its a hammock with feet up and head up and then the pain starts to go away. My lower back is sore a lot of the time but I try hard to stretch throughout the day for some relief. My neck is the one I usually have a hateful relationship with but somehow has eased off. I do go to the chiropractor each month and that really helps keep me in alignment.  I also stretch everyday which seems to help too!
Emotional Roller Coaster - Off the hook! I can watch a commercial (like the family with the military dad searching for a new house and then the dad is there waiting in the house when they all first walk in) and I cry. I cried in the first 5 minutes of Frozen. I cry at HGTV. I drive down the road and see a dead possum and cry. I am a crying wreck. I also have raging hormones and flip out on small shit for nothing. Like I walked in the door with groceries Sunday, BTW it was effing hot to a husband napping on the couch nd a teen taking a nap. Nobody wanted to help until I flipped out and said I wanted to nap and shit needed to be done! Then I was fine. Just like that. And all was well and happy again in my home. Lol
Unwanted Comments - NON PREGNANT PEOPLE- if you DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY then DO NOT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!!!!!!!! Plain and simple!!!
I was walking a client back the other day and she says Oh Barbie you don't even look pregnant, you just look chubby! I wanted to drop her right there in the salon and fire her as my client! Insert emotional roller coaster! I spun around and said 1-do not ever say that to a pregnant person and 2-you re lucky this was not last week I would have asked you to leave! 
People will say the stupidest stuff! You have to let it roll!! And this is just the beginning. They remark on your clothes, what you eat, what bottles you choose, how you'll hold your baby, how you choose to sleep with your baby and on and on..... Let it roll ;]
A few things I have not had are headaches, dizziness and constipation. Actually had it once in the beginning but pumped prunes and a stool softener and then was ok. 
Sorry for the pregnancy novel I just hope to help some of you feel normal. I am lucky with my RN Mom, sis and friends that are Labor and Delivery nurses for advice but I am also female and have all the normal body stuff too! I hope this is not too embarrassing but just know it is all part of the plan ;] 
I feel so blessed and forever grateful each and everyday that I get to experience this incredible female purpose and cannot wait until the day I get to meet our sweet baby girl!
Thank you for reading...

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  1. Love your pictures. You look amazing. God bless.

    Have a wonderful day!


  2. Lovely ! lots of love and enjoy of it! x

  3. you look beautiful! love these photos! this was a fun post to read! I have never had a child yet, but I am scared about the emotional roller coaster! I am so glad you are feeling better and not as bad of nausea anymore!

  4. I loved reading this Barbie. Thank you for your honestly and for sharing. I hope to have a baby one day, so it's pretty awesome reading about your pregnancy experience. You look incredible by the way.

  5. you look wonderful!!