Thursday, June 26, 2014

28 Weeks...

Happy Thursday!
I finally hit 28 weeks at the beginning of this week which means I am in the official start of my third trimester!! 
Wow has the time really passed this fast?! Yes, I guess it has.
In some ways I feel like it has been awhile and other ways it really has been moving right along. I think that because you have little landmarks all along the way, those really make you feel like you reach a point and then have another one to look forward to a week or few weeks down the road, basically keeping you distracted.

I wanted to share a little update on the pregnancy so here is a little of what has been going on. 
swimsuit | Old Navy

28 Weeks 

The baby is now about 2.5 pounds, settling into the proper position with its head down (which is why my you know what-lower region is sore after a long work day-pressure!). She now has the ability to blink, cough, suck, hiccup and take practice breaths. (Hubs asked yesterday what does she see when she blinks? I replied that it is probably like being under water in the dark??) 
Baby's sleep now includes REM which is so cool because that means that she is able to dream. WOW! Crazy cool! That makes me wonder, what does the baby dream about? 

Feeling |  I feel amazing! This is the most normal I have felt in a long time. Well since January lol. I have a lot of great energy, love being outside on walks and am enjoying working out. I just look down and realize I now have a belly which is new, but I totally love it. I use to think it would be creepy to know someone was in there moving and kicking, but when it is your sweet child, letting you know they are there, words cannot even explain the warmth that it sends your heart! I am so blessed!!

Movement |  I think my little one is already in competitive cheer. She moves and kicks a lot. Which is a good thing as I love her subtle cues of letting me know she is there. So connecting...

Sleeping |  My sleep has been pretty good thus far. I did start waking up this last week almost every single night around 1 or 2 am wide awake. I would lay there and eventually fall back to sleep. But they say that it is momsomnia kicking in. The main thing that has really helped me feel comfortable while sleeping (because I am a serious back sleeper and hate sleeping on my side) is my body pillow by Tempurpedic. This has become my new BFF. I did wake up last night with a calf cramp again. I swear I had just been telling my family that they went away-karma ;]

Mood |  I would have to say I am in a good mood most of the time. I do know that I get more tired now than I ever have before which sometimes makes me more quiet. I am a total type-A and feel best when everything is in order, which we haven't really had order (nursery set up) due to our house stuff. But, I think we are getting closer to a decision, which makes my little brain feel orderly and happy. 

Cravings |  FRUIT! I am still craving ridiculous amounts of cold fruit. Nectarines, peaches, plums, grapes and strawberries, oh my! Good thing we are a paleo household for the most part (swedish fish are a cherry right?!) 

Weight/Maternity Clothes |  My weight has definitely gone up! I am resting at 17 added pounds right now and am fully loving maternity clothes. I mean who wouldn't want soft stretchy waist bands for jeans?! Hello! Actually, I do wear some non maternity still and it works fine too you just have to lower the bottoms or I use a rubber band for some shorts and you cannot even tell. I opted to not buy the belly band, maybe if it were cooler weather and jean season then ok, but I am making it just fine with all my skirts, dresses and the maternity staples I have bought. Maternity tanks are heavenly too. They have side ruching that is forgiving and Old Navy has an amazing array of colors that are super affordable. 

Hubs |  He finally felt a kick the other night! I think he is getting more and more excited, but since they don't interact with the baby all the time like we do, I don't think they can scratch the surface of the entire thing until baby actually arrives. He is very sweet about the whole process. He rubs my belly everyday before he leaves for work and at night before we go to bed. I know, big, bald, covered in tattoos, has a daughter, sleeps with 3 female chihuahuas... He's a softy.. Shhhh 

Lastly |  Rings are still on, belly button is in! I am happy to get started on the nursery and put everything together for our little munchkins arrival. I was happy to get the glucose test out of the way this week and look forward to thinking about my maternity photos now. I have to say, I never thought I would have a child. I use to think I wouldn't know how, or was concerned about being a good parent, did not think I had the time, basically I think I made up a bunch of excuses out of fear. But now that I am going through this, I could not imagine life any other way. I am so blessed and grateful to have this amazing experience and look forward to all that it is going to bring me/us. So far, this is more than I could have ever imagined!

Have a great day...

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  1. Such a cute baby bump & i'm glad your symptoms are all good!

    A Joyful Kind of Life

  2. That suit is so cute and congrats on the 3rd trimester!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. I hate sleeping on my side too…it was hard for me in the beginning but now I just force myself to sleep on my side . I have a body pillow I purchased on amazon. It works most of the time but sometimes it's annoying so i'll sleep with a pillow under my belly when i'm on my side and another pillow between my legs. Sleep is getting challenging for me. But you look beautiful and it's so wonderful to hear you are having a great pregnancy so far :)