Friday, December 13, 2013

DIY: Chevron Canvas

DIY Chevron Canvas
Today I would like to share with you all a little project I made a couple weeks ago. I love homemade art work and I love to MAKE homemade artwork! I fee like it is so personal and has a lot of meaning behind it versus going out and buying something (which I still do too) to slap up on a wall. Why not make it personalized?!
Our last name has REAL in it so naturally, everything with REAL is something we love and tend to use a lot in and around our house ;]
I love the imperfections of art and homemade items and you can see mine is far from perfect as the lines are crazy/uneven, there are splotches in the gray and so on… But to me, that is how I like it and it was my magical hands that created it so there will never be a duplicate and the effort put in to it far out weighs everything else. 
Grab a canvas at Michael's or Joann's and figure out your chevron pattern
I made a triangle with a regular sheet of 8x11 paper and then started at the bottom of the canvas for my fist row. I set the triangle down where I wanted it and then began to tape above it
Begin measuring the tape. For me making a second set of tape for the guide in the middle worked like a charm. I could lay that down in between rows and had the exact measurement/width to keep it all balanced. {all I did was put the tape back to back and voila you have a non-sticky row guide} 
Once everything is taped have a margarita! JK No seriously at this point I was a wreck! It took me forever to figure out how to begin...
Here was my crazy workspace… I used a razor blade to cut the tape at the corners and get the perfect angle. I didn't use the blade as I was afraid to cut the canvas, I simply rested the blade down and pulled the tape against it~ Brilliant!!
For me, I knew I wanted the taped pieces to stay white. Most of our house is gray/white so those were perfect colors to match my decor! You could pick anything you'd like
Here it is close up on the wall. Yes, I know my REAL is a tad uphill. There is no way I am doing this over LOL 
I took some stencils I had laying around and sponged the color on. I used the same gray with a dab of black in it to make it pop a little more. I really like the worn in look of this chevron canvas and walk by it every single day and smile knowing it took me 3 margaritas to get through… kidding just 2!!!

Would you make a project like this? Have you? Id love to hear…
Happy Friday the 13th!! Lol

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  1. LOVE this Barbie!!! So creative and much cheaper to do then buying one already done!! I am going to do this!!!!

    Happy Friday Love!
    Sincerely Miss Ash

  2. Thanks for this great idea.
    Happy Friday!