Thursday, October 10, 2013

REAL Manor

canopy pillow decor
desk organization louis vuitton decor
I have decided to share a few shots from around my home with you. I always think it is super fun to take a peek inside someones home and see what their inner style, home decor and family life area is like. I have always felt that the key to a warm, loving home is comfort and luxury. Now luxury does not mean top dollar but instead items that have that have luxe appeal. I like my home to feel put together, warm, inviting, go jump and lay on my couch with a blanket, family photos and of course my dogs everywhere. You'll see Tiff loves the fur throw up on the love seat. I also think the key to a warm and inviting home is it being a reflection of you. Your likes, and roots make it extra personal. As with clothing, remember to be you when styling your home. 

Canopy Pillows// This past summer I fell in love with canopy striped pillows. Well you know me and if I can find them cheaper than $20 each on etsy I will. Mom and I cruised thru ikea months ago and guess what? They had the black and white canopy striped fabric for $7.99/yd I think and so I got 2 yards. OMG you guys I have canopy pillows everywhere. I love them because you can have the strips horizontal or vertical. All I did was make a pillow cover and shoved old pillows I am tired of inside them all. Genius. JK

White Pumpkins// Yes it is finally that time of year! I am weak for all white pumpkins this year. I have them sprinkled throughout the house and will be doing a DIY pumpkin tutorial this weekend! Stay tuned...

My Closet/Office// When we purchased our home the trade off was hubs got the garage for a man cave and I got the extra bedroom. Originally, I had it set up just as the office with a twin bed for the random guest. Now. I am going to be pulling the bed out and making the entire room a walk in closet. Can you say HEAVEN. It is a small, regular sized bedroom in an old rancher home and perfect as a closet. I am lucky that the current closet is already large but hey ladies, never large enough. Hehe!

Pink Pup// You know I like my pups. When Aaron and I first started dating over 10 years ago, I made him take me home for my local county fair for a day. If you are from a small town then you know the local county fair every summer is THE highlight of the summer. It still is for me! He won me this pink dog and I have had this sucker for 10 years. It is our little joke now that he is part of the family. It is seriously the only stuffed animal I have ever kept besides all 3000 of my Barbies.

My Bouquet// She still rests in all her glory upon my old vintage dresser. 141 broaches {from all my most special peeps} I made her all by myself and put it together weighing over 7 pounds and still looks like the day I carried her down the isle to my Hubs. I look at her every morning and smile. She is gorgeous and carries such an enormous ball of positive energy and well wishes from some of the most amazing women in my life! Love you all!!! Of course my ring is right next to her. In the dish you silly people. But I love my paper weight ring too that my sister and her Mr gave me yearrrrs ago! lol

Walls// Some of you have asked me before the colors of our walls so here they are: Living Room: Benjamin Moore Alexandria Beige, Office: BM Revere Pewter and Dining Room: BM Edgecomb Gray. Both Revere Pewter and Edgecomb Gray are very gray-beige. They look good in any light, with light, dark or white accents and I feel if I could paint my body these colors I would. 

Well there you have it a little sneak peak into my life. I have quite a few vintage items that I love and remind me of growing up with property and all of our horses, old frames from Great Aunts, dressers and beds from Grandma, vintage crystal and silver coasters from step-dad, gold luxe beaded pillow from TJ's and yet put my own style and spin on things. 
Your home can be simple or over the top. Just remember to make it YOU!

Wishing you the most wonderful day! Thank you all for reading, I am forever grateful!



  1. Love your d├ęcor and love the last picture!!! So girly :)

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  2. gosh I love your home! You have a great way to bring out your personal style! Love love love! Sure be reading you too from now on! Have an awesome Friday!

    Kat /

    1. Thank you so much!!!!! And thank you for reading ;]