Thursday, May 02, 2013

Electric Flamingo

colored denim striped tee

Top: F21 {in stores} | Pants: GAP | Sandals: Sam Edelman | Bag: MK old but love this | Sunnies: Prada | Jewelry: WatchF21F21F21 similar

I am super in love with my Electric Flamingo GAP skimmers. They are soft, stretchy and sit in the right spot at the waist and are super amazing to wear. 
If you go on a coupon drops down for 35% off right now ;]
Also, if you haven't tried Sam Edelman sandals DO! They are lightly padded and are way more comfortable than cheaper versions. They are well worth the money and sometimes you can even find them at TJ Maxx.

I hope you all are enjoying your week. I have been extremely busy this week and worked Tuesday which I normally don't do because I am picking up one of my best friends tonight from the airport. Actually, come to think of it I am going to see BOTH of my best friends that live out of state this month-WooHoo!!!!!! Needless to say, when I start my work week on Tuesday that leaves little time for any free time and I have been running like a maniac. 

What have you been up to all week? Do you have best friends that live far away? 

Happy Day to you all....



  1. <3 this and girl u look so tan! gorgeous!

    XO Meghan

    1. Thanks! Missing Hawaii I feel more and more pale EVERY day... Lol

  2. i love those pink pants! and you've got some seriously toned arms girl! i'll have to check out those sandals, because my cheap ones are uncomfortable and my feet slide around in them all the time:/

    1. Thanks Girl! I life weights like a maniac ;] Go Big or Go Home!!! LoL The cheaper sandals are total misery for me too! Try the Sams :]

  3. Loving those pink skinnies!!! I saw them in my Gap last weekend and they didn't have my size :( love your jewellery also!! I have a few friends that moved to the states but its so hard for them to fly back to Canada! Have a great time with your bestie!!

    Sincerely Miss Ash

    1. Hey I saw the same color at Old Navy today ;] I didn't feel them though and the GAP ones are seriously so soft and heavenly! And thanks we will have a fun weekend were running a half marathon Sunday... Girl you need to get on Instagram like quick style ;] jk Happy weekend!!! XO

  4. such a great color combination. Love the boyish stripe shirt with the feminine colored pants!!

  5. I love this outfit! it's perfect for spring..I need a pair of pink pants like yours! great post

  6. I love this color combination!

    With Love From, B

  7. Love this outfit! I have hot pink pants, and never thought of a striped combo, love!