Monday, April 22, 2013

Crave & Save: Metallic Accessories

metallic shoes metallic accessories parlor girl

Crave: HeelBagSandalFlat  // Save: HeelBagSandalFlat

I am so in love with the metallic accessories right now I can hardly stand it! I have three of the babies up here on my board and I cannot wait to show you ;] I especially like the hologram on some of the metallic accessories as well. I am a total sucker for rainbows... 

Style tip: Metallics look great with pastels, white, denim and just about everything! I even enjoy mixing my metals too like adding a gold bracelet with your silver jewelry.  

Have you purchased anything metallic? How would you style them?

Happy Monday and thanks for reading!!!!



  1. um we totally thought alike today! :) love love some metallics!

    XO Meghan

  2. Great finds! I have some silver heels that I LOVE. I need to find some good gold ones to wear to all my summer weddings, too!

  3. Great picks and i love the save vs. crave. Following you via Bloglovin. I'm doing a great stella & dot giveaway and i'm hosting a link up this thursday April 25. Would love it if you joined and followed me via bloglovin.


  4. Oh yessss I'd love to have something metallic asap....& your picks are great to choose from!!!


  5. I love anything metallic, especially shoes! Gold is usually my style, but these cool silver options have me changing my mind!

  6. darn, i like all of the 'crave' ones best! i'd wear these metallics with classic looks to punch them up a bit!

    ps - check out my JewelMint giveaway!

  7. I'm definitely digging the metallic trend. I would love some heels!


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