Saturday, March 02, 2013

200 + Flash Back Frenzy

Happy Saturday
Wow the weekend is finally here!
All day Thursday I thought it was Friday {ok I am blonde} then yesterday I was cruising thru all my old photos and thought I would share 200 a few.
{Aaron and I WAAAAAAY back} 

So here goes... Some oldies from my past for all of us to laugh at! If you don't know yet, I am famous for what I call "car sesh" photos! I practically take a picture everyday in the car and send it to my sister, my friends or post it on Instagram {parlorgirl} And I usually have either a dorky look, am in the middle of singing, a sly smile, deer caught in headlights or lips doing something crazy...

{Love my Dad!!! Which BTW our 1-year wedding anniversary is right around the corner! Cannot wait to show you all our wedding-FINALLY LOL}

And by the way-this is my 200th post!
Gotcha... Lol WooHoo!

Hope you all enjoy a good laugh at my crazy hair changes, family fun, friends, style, high school spiral perm and silly lips and car sesh's...

Thanks so much for reading!!! Happy Friday :]


  1. great photos! you look so beautiful in the wedding gown! congratulations on your anniversary and for the 200th post! (:

    xx S.

  2. Those are the cutest pictures ever!!You looked absolutely beautiful on your wedding day and you and your husband make a great couple!! Congrats on the 200th post...

    xoxo Ashley,

  3. Booooooooyah!
    Love the pics. Happy 200th. Looooooooove you. Would it kill you to put an AMAZING picture of me up there???? I weigh 200 pounds which goes well with your 200th post I know you can dust off a picture of me with you to make me feel good. Come on Peege I know its there. Love you and your blog.

    1. Where do I begin?! No you are not NEAR 200 maybe 200 snowboard jumps under your belt or 200 wake leaps or 200 laughs, chips and guac, making people laugh and practically pee their pants at the Mexican restaurant... 200 times being the BEST sister a person could ask for EVERRRRRRRRRR

      LOVE YOU 200 times to the sun and back and then some ;]
      P.S. Lets take a picture for my blog?! Bwahahahaha DuHHHHHHHHH

  4. Hello, I found your blog from a friend and I went to visit! I loved your post and I am going to stay on top of all the news!

    I hope my blog:

    If you want to follow me I'll be very happy! ♥ Hugs..

    1. Hi Welcome!!!
      Wonderful as I love to network too! I will head over now and check out your blog! Thank you and have a fab day!!!