Friday, February 15, 2013

Uniform: Black White & Gray

tuxedo top with blazer and skinny jeans

Jacket: Halogen || Shirt: similar || Jeans: H & M || Bag: Michael Kors || Boots: old but similar or similar|| Jewelry: SFL and Charlotte Russe, Watch 

Yay it's Friday!!!
I know we all have those days where we linger, like to drink and extra cup of coffee in the morning, read a few more emails, monitor shop/browse, the kids are taking extra long to get ready or plain wait until the last minute to light a fire under our seats to get ready for work. 
Well I had one of those days last week. 
{I thought I had already posted this but my blonde hair kicked in and 
I realized it was still in a draft-duh}
I am a little more blonde now though.
Some days I am so over the black at work. Then I wear white or gray and color ricochets all over my outfit and reminds me why I subject myself to black regularly. 
I tried...
I also like a simple pony when in a hurry too. Add a little mascara, blush, gloss and jewels and off you go!

Here in California we are suppose to have a GORGEOUS weekend. 
I know I will be outside soaking up some Vitamin D.

Wishing you all a Fab weekend!


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