Monday, February 04, 2013

My First Half Marathon...

Happy Monday Morning!

I must say I am so happy to be feeling semi-back-to-normal. I ran my first half marathon yesterday and it kicked my booty literally however I will refrain from too many details here ;)

I apologize this is a little long winded and many pictures to follow...

My Sunday...
I woke up at 4 am so I could sip a little coffee as I normally do and make sure I could appropriately use the bathroom before taking off to the Davis Stampede with only Johnny on the spots to go in. Success. I drank less coffee than normal as I did not want to be overly amped up, I ate a bowl of oatmeal and off we went at 6.

We got there on time at 7ish and I found my mom so cutely set up by the finish line with her camera, chair and warm clothes (the only spectator in sight). She actually beat us there! I kissed everyone, found my friend, stretched, used the Johnny twice as I get nervous and think I have to potty numerous times before I run. Then we made our way to the Start where all of the pacers were lined up and I ate a couple GU chomps.

I knew that from my practice runs and training that my slowest pace would land me at a 2:10 spot. We decided to line up by the 2:15 and agreed to pass as the time went on. I like my running friend Shauna a lot. She is the type of friend that you want to run with as there is absolutely "no competition" between the two of you and no pressure. She smiles, listens to her rap music and just goes. After all, we are only there to challenge and compete with ourselves and have no control over what others can and will or will not do.

I hung in well and on pace for the first 7 miles and having part of a GU at mile 5. I thought I had better stay a little ahead of the game and did not want to get fatigued before I could catch up. I was feeling hungry. The start of the course was great, paved and cement but then we were on gravel which felt like FOREVER! Now if you know me then you know I am clumsy enough walking down the hall of my house in my Uggs. Barbie and gravel? No good. I was afraid of twisting my ankle or who knows whatever else. I actually saw three girls in front of me flail and a lady that tied her ankles together falling face first and just layed there. I felt horrible for her but she had a running buddy so I knew her friend could help. I practically had to hurdle over her to keep going. FYI-the "hard packed dirt" was loose to me, jus saying...

Now begins the fun. I saw the guy carrying the pace sign of 2:10 slowly start to disappear ahead of me. At first I thought of screw it, just walk. Then I reminded myself to drop the time obsession and stick to your first goal of running the entire thing. So I thought once I hit cement again I could make up some time, nope, now it seemed uphill. Sheesh. Can a girl get a break? I can laugh now. I made sure that I drank water at each aid station despite the chilly weather. After mile 9 I saw the pedestrian bridge that Amanda and I joked about running over as we passed under it to go to George Strait the other night. Funny thing is she texted me "pass the people on the bridge" LOL. And I did. Most people walked it-not sure what I had in me but I ran it!

By the time I hit 10, my hips were feeling tight. (I had to take off most of the week leading up to this race due to my hip being out again.) Anyways, the hips were tight-no biggie. I could run through that. So I slurped 1/2 of my last GU at 10 and had some more water. I almost barfed it all up in my mouth. "Just keep running" I kept telling myself. Meanwhile there were people all around me walking and then running... Which seemed baffling to me, whatev! By this time my upper quads were starting to cramp. Now, I have trained seriously over the last 7 years with competing in figure and other various things including wake-boarding and snowboarding that I know my body. I have dieted for 16 weeks straight numerous times never cheating on my diet so I know what hard training is like and I know my body. I have never had extreme muscle cramping or feelings like I did yesterday. But again- "keep running Barbie" was all I could tell myself. I also noticed at this point I was feeling really thirsty and thought I wonder if I am a little dehydrated? Oh well keep going.

I looked at my watch and saw 12.9 almost there. I had already started to speed up wanting this whole thing over. Fireman were all lined up clapping and hollering at everybody cheering us on. I knew I was close. I rounded the last corner and saw the large "FINISH" banner and lit up my Mizunos. Yah, my last mile was an 8:53-now were talking that's my style! I always hear that everyone has the dorkiest looks on their face at finishes so I smiled BIG-WIDE-FULL OF LIFE (even if it was zapped out of me) and saw my family cheering me on. If I was not dehydrated I would have cried!! My sister always cries which is so sweet. Pump, Chels, Mom and kids were all there rooting me on. I made it!! I ran the entire thing and my final time was 2:14.

Now, I know I am not the fastest runner out there but I do know what I am capable of and I know that I was not on my A-game. That's is OK because I will take  a "B" for that performance and better it next time with an A. All in all, I completed my first and original goal to run the entire thing which was success for me.

Right after I finished, I needed to walk a bit. It's like getting off the treadmill and the ground still feels like its moving. I drank some gatorade, a water and then we left for breakfast. This is where I went south. I had to excuse myself 3x from breakfast. My tummy was acting up. I realized that I had too much GU, I am sensitive to GU and they all had caffeine. Big mistake. And I needed more water. I had been dehydrated. In a nutshell, I made it home, took a hot bath and had to lay on the couch all day and night sipping electrolytes, hanging with my dogs and missed going to the Super Bowl family party :(

Oh well, at least I feel back to life today and eager to heal and train again for May!! Although we walked into breakfast yesterday and I looked at my sister and said "Good thing I ordered race insurance for May-I am CANCELLING! I am NEVER doing this again!" I know, I know I am extreme. I am back on hehe...

{Gear ready and love my throw away sweatshirt from Old Navy for $1.97}

{Shauna and I it was chilly Brrrrr}

{Finally the end in sight}

{Yay sooooo Happy}

{I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!! And in a Skirt with ruffles!!!!!}
{I had to include the REAL and dorky pics! Sucking air}

 {I have no explanation for this it makes me laugh tho}

{My Garmin Story...} 
 {Need to walk it off-ironically felt like I could not stop! Ha!}
 {Another dorky one hahaha}
{Ahhhhhhh I am a nerd}

{My personal cheering squad- LOVE them!!}
{Chels and Pumpkin}

{At last... A SMILE and tissues in my top}

{I will get her to run with me one day... Maybe after #3 ;)}

{ My sweet littles were so good!!!}

For an asthmatic, crazy hip escapades, dehydration and battled sickness a couple times during my training I am thankful I could run this race through its entirety and super grateful for my mind to carry me through!!

P.S. It was probably a good thing I did not have my phone to quit and call Aaron ha!

Thank you all for your sweet messages and support! And the pep talks before- you know who you are ;]

Much Love,

"mens sana in corpore sano"
a healthy mind in a healthy body


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! What an accomplishment!! Are you so proud!? I would be :)

    1. Thank you Melissa!! I am very proud! It was a test of absolute mental strength :) Thank you for your sweet comment!!!

      XO, PG

  2. Congrats! I loved reading the blog and loved the pics!:-)

    1. Thanks D! I love all your comments and support :)


  3. Congrats!! Thanks for sharing. I love the blog and the pics!:-) You are an inspiration!
    Ps your Nordstroms gift card you sent me cost me $150:-) i had to get a whole outfit!lol

    1. OMG You are too funny- i would have done the same exact thing oops!! I cant wait to see what you got =] Don't forget to show me!!!!

      Thanks for all of your sweet comments!!!!

  4. Congrats Barb! So proud of you...funny thing is, as well as I know you... I would have never even thought of you not meeting your goal! You are a powerhouse! xoxoxo much love!


    1. Ahh thanks Corrie! It was an amazing experience, definitely humbling and surreal!!! I am eager for more haha!! Love you lots!!! XOXO

  5. Wonderful job! Someday maybe I will run one too...maybe, someday. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks Sarah!! You could totally do it :) Thanks again about the comments heads up!! XO