Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines... XOXO

skinny jeans with blazer

White Tuxedo Jacket: TJ Maxx similar || Hearts Top: TJ Maxx || Flocked Denim: Target || Booties: Target similar || Bag: Tory Burch || Jewelry: Watch, Grandmas Bracelet and 

Happy Valentines to all you Lovers out there!!!
I love Valentines day because I love-LOVE!!! Heck, I love everyday because I LOVE-LOVE and I LOVE LIFE... LoL {Runners high}

Today started off a little rough. I went to the gym, hopped on the treadmill and a mile in I had to stop and sit on my treadmill {embarrassing}. I have NEVER done such a thing EVER in all my gym years! SO I took a few minutes and tried to breathe and had the worst stomach cramp pains I have ever experienced. Defeated and deflated feeling, I headed home and called my MR in the car with tears streaming down my face. He is the sweetest and most supportive.
Today was a tempo run. 
Horrible feeling. 
Oh well pick it back up tomorrow inner voice hailed. 
Is that what I am always going to tell myself? I answered myself back {sound crazy huh?}
Got home, took ib profin, layed around for 30 minutes took a hot bath and felt better. Headed off to work. Three really fun clients and I was done. I felt better and had a backup plan ;]
Sped home, saddled up my Mizunos and bolted back into the gym with a vengeance.
5 miles like it was nothing. 
I love running.

Wishing you all a fabulous Valentines evening! 
Whether you are with loved ones, family, friends or solo. Love yourself as that is one of the greatest feelings out there!!!

with much LOve,

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