Friday, January 25, 2013

Wedge You Be Mine

Tee: J Crew Factory | Long Sleeve: H&M old | Jacket: Macys old similar | Vest: TJ Maxx similar on sale | Jeans: H& M | Shoes: Target | Bag: Michael Kors | Belt: old similar | Jewelry: Watch, Bracelet, Necklaces from grandma and Bachelorette jewelry 

Happy Friday!!!
Ok, ok, ok. I fought the urge for like one minute and then while cruising Target {shhh} for puppy pads and paper towels, my cart veered straight into the shoe section. Uncontrollably. Then across the isle to clothes. We will save that one for later.
I am so in love with these wedge sneakers that I want to run around the house in them with my plaid pj's and leap through the air. Well maybe no leaping but I adore these babies. I promise you that they are super comfy too. I am so happy I found them at Target for so inexpensive as I was eyeing a pair of Steve Maddens for $150-phew!
{That would have blown a month and a half of clothing budget on one pair of shoes}
I would go into your target and check them out but let me advise you to not grab a cart. They have a mind of their own and tend to head to the places you're suppose to be avoiding!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend...

Would you buy and/or wear a pair of these babies???


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