Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Sequins + Fur

Top: Tracy Reese-Nemian Marcus for Target on 70% clearance | Long Sleeve: Old Navy old | Vest: TJ Maxx old similar | Jeans: J Brand old similar | Shoes: BCBG but I really want these | Bag: old similar | Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelet: J Crew | Glasses: similar

When I first strolled by this top the other day at Target I immediately went to it as if it had a siren luring me to the rack. My husband was in the background and mumbled something like "that looks like something my grandma would have".
I yanked her off the rack and said you're coming home with me.
Which by the way was 70% off-originally 79.99 and on sale for 23.99. Thanks Target.
Once I returned home, I dug out my old vest and here we go, a lovely warm day in sequins and fur!
They are two of the easiest additions to dress up jeans in an instant.

Happy Wednesday...



  1. I have been battling with myself over whether to buy this top. I too love Grandma style-I get that a lot. I think the top is gorgeous, but I have two kids and worry about whether I would really want to risk ruining it by actually wearing it...if it weren't for that, I'd already have purchased it. I love how you styled it here! I actually like when you have it tucked in with the belt.

  2. Hi Leah! It's a great top especially now for the discounted price. (I would have never paid full price for it) I have 3 little Chihuahuas that get their nails stuck in everything and it has held up well. I would definitely get it, then you would be the styling Momma! Thanks for following!! XO