Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Life Lately

My life as of late...

{Kale Shakes are AMAZE!! My brother has me drinking these babies and pumping up my immune system to keep me healthy}

{The office has had a little makeover! Show you soon! Had to get rid of these creamy icky walls. Bless my mess Ha Ha Ha}

{The closest Tiff and Haley have ever been. Although there is still blanket separating them. But it is a START}

{Love these boots, boyfriends and Target LoL}

{Haley and Coco= Snuggling}

{Getting my hair done-Yay!! I really need to clean that mirror at work}

{Mint Mania! That should have been the color of the season-DUH! Not Emerald}

{I finally ran 10 miles in a practice run. Without stopping and slow as a turtle}

{My Tay is AMAZING!!! Already snowboarding at 6 and she has her gear in order too I might add:) }

{BEST quote of all time!!! True. True. True}

Happy Wednesday!!!
What have you been up to?


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