Thursday, December 13, 2012

One of those Days...

Hey Hey...
Do you ever just have a day?
A day that you start off halfway on the right foot but its still a tad shaky from the start? 
Yep well recently had one and it sorta went like this...

{I woke up and hated my hair! So I put it in a French-Poof for the day. Actually pulled the front up and still hated it so I proceeded to french braid the rest of it}
{Craved a salami sandwich and subway basically gives you a single slice of salami-boo! So off to the deli I went and BAM! Now that's a stack of salami}
{Welllllll... kinda felt like a fro yo too. Actually, I get a cup of sprinkles, topped with fro yo. Yah $4 in sprinkles I could probably buy a case for that amount of money}
{And I slid like an avalanche! Yes my friends there was no way I couldn't top that kind of day off with a run to the border. Bean burrito and enchirito-boo ya!}

That's all...... 9,735 calories for the day. 

Do you ever have a day? Or a free meal? Usually I am good with one meal but the entire day? 
Well, guess its been a long time... Hehe


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