Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Funday

Hello Everyone!!!
I hope you had an outstanding weekend :) I know I sure did as it was filled with many joyous things to be super happy and excited about!!!

Here's a little recap...

Saturdays in December are premium property when it comes to the wonderful world of hair-so naturally I had to work! However, I have such amazing clients!! Yes, each and everyone of you! I swear they want to fatten and liquor me up because I come home heavy handed with sweets, treats and booze! Oh and mullah and Starbucks gift cards, as they all know me well!!! Thank you all!!!

Pumpkin and I had the pleasure of going out to dinner Saturday night at 5. I know totally the early bird special. I got right off work and he returned from dirt biking-both of us beyond exhausted! So we ate and were in bed by 8:30... Dun Dun Dun... Were old...

My oldest 4-legged baby turned 9! My oh my how time flies. Happy Birthday to my little Tiffany!

{She was not even a pound when we first got her-a little hamster dog}
{Ignore my clean laundry and just focus on the fact that I can RUN again! WooHoo!! I am beyond words......}
{Felt like I needed a boost after my RUN (woohoo-sorry super pumped to run) so whipped up all these pantry regs to make a green beauty}
{Boom! Kale and a million other things. Felt like I had rocket fuel}
{H&M Super Skinny jeans here and here}

{Curled hair with a 2" barrel spiraling and pulling down for soft smooth ribbon like waves}

{Flannel: oldy but goody}

{Of course no day is complete without a car shot}

{My step mom was here from Hawaii for the night}
{Bday Girl}

{All 3 girls}

{LOVE her face}
SM and I hit the road shopping on this fine morning! After trying to pry the little cling-on off of me.


{Fueling my plaid obsession, found a flannel sheet set at Walmart of all places}

{And a shopping day would not be complete without a few other goodies ;] or and some Christmas presents too. BTW not sure if you can see the gray tee by my Style Watch mag, it was $5 at walmart. Its a danskin and polyester which is great for running! Did I mention it was super cheap??}

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