Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A week in the rearview...

Can you believe we are down to less than a week until Christmas? 
My oh my where has the time gone?!

Well this is my absolute busiest time of year. If you don't know, which I think most of you do, I am a hairstylist by day and therefor am beautifying all my lovely peeps for special time with their families and booked to the max. I have been trying to find balance with running/training, dog walks, presents, shopping, family life and work. Sometimes I struggle with balance but a nice jolt of gray from my mom or best friend pull me back into to a moderate status and less of "the world is ending what am I going to do-ugh" thoughts... 

I am officially finished with Christmas shopping! I cannot wait for Pumpkin to see all the wonderful things Chels and I picked out and the rest of the family.

Running is going great! Knee is back in action, I am stretching like a mother every night and before and after runs. I think that adding strength training back in has helped my glutes, hams and calves get a bit stronger again and I can really feel the difference in my longer runs. 

Here is a quick photo dump of my last week...
{I knew it was cold but 7 where we live? Yep turns out I had accidentally switched my weather to Celsius-duh!}
{How cute is this?}

{Lovely, cold morning run-heart a running skirt}

{Taco salad for breakfast and egg salad for lunch lol}
{New Sam Edelman flats aren't they just the cutest?!}
{My crazy life}
{These kind of pics make it worth it}

{A night out for my MIL Bday and I still have black on-bleh!}
{Happy Birthday to my MIL}

{A night out shopping and dinner with one of my favorite friends}

{What girl would not LOVE this tree?}

{Our cute little house with the lights on ;]}
{Yummy Christmas treats for neighbors and friends}

Are you finished with your holiday shopping??? I am getting so excited to spend time with the family... I can hardly wait :)


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