Monday, November 19, 2012

What a Weekend

Happy Monday!!!
This is a short week for most of us WooHoo! I actually have to work today so it has been a little tough wrapping my mind around having only 1 day off (yesterday) except for the carrot dangled in front of me that says I have Thurs-Tues off. I know, I know I think I can handle these next three days...

{I woke up to this presh little muffin on my lap.}

We were going to try to go to the movies Saturday night but since we're old and did this we went to a matinee on Sunday and saw Sky Fall. I always love Bond movies, especially the Sean Connery days, but this new Bond is second to that for me. However, I let some clients build up the hype and as it was entertaining, it was sooooo long I had to go to the bathroom TWICE. I say wait and rent it.

{Pumpkin loves car photos}

{Pumpkin has great photo taking skills. I love looking like a little person with an over-sized head. Reminds me of his Barry Bonds bobble head!}

{Best socks ever-next to compression socks! Victoria's Secret tall PiNK Tube Sock Set which they have free shipping right now on $100 order. He gets me a set each year for Christmas. They are especially cute poking out of your casual boots on your day off, but I love to sleep in them!}

Off to tackle the day! I am going to be doing a giveaway during my time off as I am so THANKFUL for each one of you readers. SO stay tuned and I will be back as soon as possible! 

Weekly Total for Running: 16
I don't think I have EVER run that much in one week! Eek!! Yay!!! This party has started ;]

What did you do this weekend?


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