Monday, November 05, 2012

Weekend Warrior

I hope you all had a great weekend! 
Yesterday I drug the 16 year old along with me for my Sunday Funday Run... 
I am sure she loved that! I think she loved it in fact because who wants to sleep in all day? Everybody wants to wake up at the wee hours on Sunday morning and head out to sweat your booty off for 4 miles? Right?
Yah I'm pretty sure she hates me. But I had fun. 
I enjoy having her run along. She really pushes me. She has played soccer her whole life and volleyball the last couple of years so she is conditioned to smoke me and lay some tread. 
But I peel out in my Asics a bit faster too when she is near! 
Thank you CE for pushing me...

{Mokely loves to help me lick the sweat off my legs stretch}

BTW our dogs have multiple names:
Tiffany, Miff, Bug, Bug a boo, Puffin, Muffin
Coco, Mokes, Mokely, Cocs
Haley, New Dog, Maley
Just in case you hear me refer to them as other names... 

We finished off our Sunday with family dinner at the Parentals house. Pumpkins mom always makes the BEST food! I do not think I have EVER eaten the same thing twice there in 9+ years. No Joke. Wish I had a picture but I don't. I did walk away with 2 new recipes :)

We also watched The Hunger Games movie which I liked but felt like they could have added a bit more to it. If I hadn't read the books (all in one day jk-ok 2 days) I think it would have seemed a little lacking IMO. But thankfully my family had me there to narrate and fill in. Or maybe they were shooshing me, anywhoo
Pump really liked the movie shhh ;] hehe

Then we headed off to bed since it was 7:30 and felt like 10pm to watch an episode of The Walking Dead! Check it out!! I am sickly hooked...

What did you do for the weekend? 
Exercise? Food? Drink? Movies? All of the above? Fill me in...

Happy Monday!

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