Monday, November 26, 2012

Thank-FULL Weekend

I am forever grateful for the MANY reasons I am about to list!
We had such an amazing Thanksgiving this year that I am still in tears (of joy) and my heart feels overflowing with love...

Pumpkin... The best husband in the world! He gets me, lets me be me and is my biggest supporter in everything I do! Love you and am so grateful for you!
Sister... My sister just gets me too! I was having a doozie of a day last week and she was listening to me whine cry and sent me a sweet little surprise gift in the mail. A wedding album of all our favorite pics from the entire wedding week!!! Love you Sis!!! XO

Chels and Running... Because these two are all in the same pics ;] Chels is an amazing step daughter! She is a very good kid, easy going, will do just about anything I ask her to and is one of my favorite little running partners. Sometimes she seems more like a little sister than a daughter and is really growing up to be a beautiful person!
I have always tinkered around with running more as fun and of course pre-contest figure prep, but as of lately I have become addicted and am blessed with a runners high! I also have asthma really bad and so I have never been fast as I have a hard time taking a deep breath. But I really feel that running has helped me re-train my breath and lungs resulting in an increased endurance. 
I am so thankful to be able to run!!!

Thanksgiving filled with Family... What an amazing holiday this year! (Almost)-All our family together under one roof is the best feeling in the world!! We feel so lucky and blessed to have them near and just love spending time with each and every one of them.

{Our fun/serious/put together family}

{Sister, Chels, Dad, Nephew and Brother... And a mimosa ;]}

{My bro, momma and glowing sis}

{The BEST in-laws in the WWW don't have a pic from Turkey Day}

{Momma, Bothers GF, Bro being a dork with Neph}

Step bro's Wife and Son
Black Friday/Sparkle Friday...
My niece stayed Thanksgiving night with us which meant we had her the entire next day! She's a blast! She is a MINI-ME I just love it!!!! She reminds me to take a step back and enjoy simple and small things in life like a dog walk every hour...

This is what happens when you go shopping with Auntie... jk 
She loves everything sparkly right now and was like "Auntie can I get high heels with sparkles?" I said only if they fit you! Well they were a little big... Phew- Her mom would scalp me!

{We had her the entire day! So much fun...}
{Even took her to the Cal Women's Volleyball game-she was pooped!}

Thankful for Amazing Friends...

Last but not least, Blog Friends/Supporters...
Thank you for your continued support, comments questions and for just plain reading! 

That sums up my Thanksgiving weekend! I am filled with gratitude and thankful-ness ;] 

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you leave town? What are you grateful for??


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