Thursday, November 08, 2012

Scarf it Up

Its finally that time of year! 
Yay it's chilling down and time to pull out the scarves. I was asked recently how to tie a scarf by a sweet and dear client of mine, leading me to this post and I know my sister will appreciate this as she is a scarf fanatic and my BF in CO. 

While my sprint through Target the other day here, I spied all of these beautiful new scarves that are out and were screaming my name as I passed. 
I think I need to head back in there for a scarf and long sleeve running top. *cough cough Lol 
I have also found a great guide from Pinterest and will attach it here as a pic for you too! I'm sorry I could not trace it back to its original owner. I did pin it on my Fall Fashionista board here if you want to pin it for keeps as well... 

And of course I have to include some of my Faves for the season!!!

Target Tartan Classic $11.99 here

Target Blue/Pink Plaid Scarf $11.99 here

Target Stars Scarf Gray/White $11.99 here

Cheetah Scarf (sale) $8.00 here

I like Target scarves because they are cheap and if you tire of them in a season then it didn't break the bank. I also usually choose darker colored scarves as I am a makeup fanatic and bronzer freak (and I will not be giving either of those up), therefore resulting in smudges on my scarf from the neck area. 
I will be getting the Tartan Classic though ;]

Do you wear scarves? How do you tie them? Any other styles that I should know of??

P.S. Had a wonderful 3.5 mile run yesterday! Felt light as a feather, like I was floating!!! Time for a heavy hitter this weekend... I am ready!



  1. I'm leopard obsessed right now. Its my new neutral. I also found a pretty, plain pink scarf is an awesome way to brighten up any outfit. Enhances rosy cheeks :)

  2. Leopard is a GREAT neutral ;] I totally agree on the Pink scarf too! Pink is my neutral-can never go wrong with PINK!!!!!