Friday, November 02, 2012

Running Eyeshadow

Happy Friday! 
I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween. We had fun at work dressing up a bit. For me it was completely last minute. I mean, I walked into CVS to buy candy on the 30th and thought oh yeah I should see if they have a black wig?! I have always wanted to dye my hair black (like 2x in my life) and walked over to the Halloween stuff and found a black rocker wig. Bought it and candy. 

You may have caught a glimpse here in my dress rehearsal where I sat on the couch forever patiently waiting for Pumpkin to come home and scare him. Unfortunately he walked in with black sunglasses on and said what are you doing just sitting there? Deflated. He could not even see me. And I totally gave it away by laughing uncontrollably. I was like doesn't your wife look hot? He said no she looks weird!

{I love the hair! I couldn't pay enough to get hair to stand up like that}

{My sunglasses for the drive to work}

{Another day at the office}

I came home from work on Halloween in the afternoon and ran 4 miles. Yes without stopping. Super stellar for an asthmatic and a non-consistent runner jogger. I thought people were looking at me crazy like why is this girl running on Halloween afternoon? Then it occurred to me I look like this:

I forgot to wash off my eye makeup and yes it was blue since I miraculously pulled together an 80's rocker chick at the last minute. Kinda weird I had all that in my closet. Anyhoo... 
No wonder people were looking at me funny with blue running down my face!

On to more important things... I have been asked a few times lately what supplements do I take. You may wonder why people are asking a simple 3-4 mile runner jogger?! But once upon a time I was a figure competitor and workout enthusiast. Actually it makes me feel good that people still ask since it was forever ago I accomplished all of that. Maybe I will drum up a picture... However I do still workout and take really good care of my vessel on a regular basis.
{Look how fast I found a pic- I cant remember the other people so I cropped them out. I stepped on stage for figure and won my first competition! When they called my number for first place, I was like who is that why isn't she stepping forward then I looked down at my number and was like oh its me, laughed and walked forward-duhhh blonde! 
The second best day of my life to getting married to my Pumpkin in Maui}

Here are a few of the supplements that I love to take on a regular basis to help support my running and workouts.

Glutamine- I take this in the morning and the evening to help assist and repair over worked muscles. I call it the silent recovery helper as you will not feel anything from this product. It also helps to support the natural production of your own human growth hormone, which is very important for muscle recovery and gains. Glutamine also helps to support your immune system allowing for more intense training sessions while maintaining a healthy body. Here is the one I use: Max Glutamine from Max Muscle 

Glucosamine/Chondroitin- Ever since my knee injury I swear by this stuff! Some people say it has absolutely no effect on them but I notice a difference if I stop taking it. I use: NOW Glucosamine & Chondroitin with MSM 

GU Chomps and Gel- Ever since my sweet friend/client worked for GU and kindly gave me some samples I have been HOOKED! I love the Chomps for a quick jolt before a workout but the Gel works better if you are on a long run as it slips right down and is easier than chewing the gummy chomps. Sometimes the Chomps get stuck in my teeth like my Swedish Fish! GU Gel and Chomps

Last but not least I always take these two every morning:
Multi Vitamin
B Complex

Do you take any supplements?
What are your favorite supplements?

Wishing you a great weekend!!!


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