Saturday, November 17, 2012

Round 'em Up

Here are a few pics to sum up my week! This is my busy season at my day job so I might be a little intermittent in the next few weeks to come. I am getting so excited for Thanksgiving as we are entertaining in the new house and all the fam is coming over!!!!
{Love my am Runs}

{If you follow me on Instagram then you saw that this is what happens when you answer a call during a run. And then she cracked even worse resulting in the below picture.}
{Finally got my phone repaired! I'm the BIGGEST klutz/clumsy person ever! It was cracked to smithereens on BOTH sides and so I bought an Inspector Gadget proof case that is so heavy I could curl it for my bicep workouts! I feel like throwing my phone just to test the limits...}

{GORGEOUS Orchid my Mama brought me the other day! Thanks Mom LOVE YOU!!!}
{The time is coming... Pumped for Snowboard season-WooHoo!}

Off to make my Thanksgiving list so I can sneak into the store at night... The teen and I are trying a new pie recipe this year. Real Simple magazine had 10 pies to make in there and we chose 2 for part of our food lineup... 

Do you try a new recipe for Thanksgiving? Or stick to all of the traditional ones? Do you have any good recipes to share?

Happy Weekend! 
I am off to beautify the world one head at a time...

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