Tuesday, November 06, 2012

My Vote is for a Solo Trip to Target

Exercise: Bar Method, Abs and Glute Work

Today I had the pleasure of hanging with Pumpkin for the second day in a row. My second of two days that I have off in a row and usually to myself. That's OK because he wanted to tag along to Target after voting to help move his back a bit after throwing it out. I'm all about helping him heal to get back to making the dough!
Well there went buying any clothes for me... 
{I voted in my finest runner attire and no blow-dry}

But I did "eye shop" and let me tell you that Target has some great Champion stuff in there. I am loving Champion athletic wear especially after our visit to the outlets a couple weekends ago here. 
Target has it at regular price though but still a heck of a lot cheaper than Lulu. (Whom I only like their long pants. The rest is pretty pricey and everyone is running around town in them and not in running shoes if ya know what I mean?!)
{Boring trip to Target}
My leg swiftly ditching him in the body wash area and sprinting towards clothes! Spying a darling Champion Sweatshirt with Ruching in Pink, Purple and Gray, may have to sneak back in for one of these bad boys! And ice packs for the knees! He had a fit when he walked in the other day and I was icing with his lunch ones? What its not like they touch the food right??

{Chipotle for lunch}
Ever since we bought a house, we moved to a different town and they do not have a Chipotle. We were in heaven today! Can you guess which one is mine?

Did you vote? Do you love to shop at Target? What are some of your faves there?


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