Thursday, November 29, 2012


Here is a little peek inside and outside of my life over the last few days...

{The kids lay with me in the office chair every morning! Since Tiffany hates everyone, she either stays in her bed in our room or lays on my fur rug that she also likes to pee on ;-/ Go figure, LoL}
{Seeking motivation through HOT pink running capris and a Twilight marathon for the TM-although hopped on and realized my knee is hurting... More on that later!}

{Went to refill the coffee and this is what I came back to! Guess its time to get off the computer...}

{So I looked out the window and realized Fall is GORGEOUS and on her way out! Its snowing leaves everywhere!!!!}
{Fall attire}

{The dogs were barking like crazy the other day so after yelling at them like 30 times I thought I had better go outside and see why the damn squirrels were doing mile repeats and sprints on the roof only to find 30 freaking Turkeys up there! I told them we are a meat friendly house and they better hit it! So I hosed them out and over the fence to the neighbors hahahaha}


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