Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Vets, Hobbies and New paint


Wishing you all a great Veterans Day (Observance) I am always off on Mondays so nothing new here except people were EVERYWHERE today! 
Today I ventured out away from home in search of my FAVORITE store everrrrrrrrrr
Hobby Lobby!
I drove a little over an hour today to go to HL. Well that actually beats the almost 5-hour plane ride I use to take to Kentucky to go and the shipping fees that were atrocious to boot. Anywhoo, I called my best friend in KY (yes her state has such a laughable abbrev) to let her know I no longer needed her frienfship in KY as I now have a Hobby Lobby here. 
*Heaven* *Swoon*
Oh and totally kidding, I still need to see fireflies at times so I will def go back to KY... LoL

{*Heaven* *Swoon*}

I had high hopes of attacking a heavy hitter run this weekend 
however I heavily hit the Margaritas Saturday evening and we had prepped and painted the exterior of our house from Thurs-Sunday night which was quite the heavy hitter in herself... All through the rain and CHILLY ass weather too.

I ran a measly 3 on the TM Saturday morning but had zip-zero-zilch left in me for a Sunday run. Plus, it was a little more important to hang with Pops while he was here to help! Couldn't exactly excuse myself and take off for my new love of a run while he was doing limber, acrobatics on the ladder painting our eaves. I will admit painting was an enormous workout. I am so sore. I am more in love with our house now more than anything. And the soreness was so worth it. It came out GORGEOUS! 
And I have the BEST dad in the whole universe! He gifted it to us as our housewarming present. Sooooo generous and blessed I am forever grateful. 

{Rockin the Boost shirt softest cotton tee ever}

{Pump made an amazing spread-our steaks were almost 2" thick}

{They are patiently mouthwateringly sitting in the background}

On to bigger and better things, 
got the Garmin. Will test her-highness out in the morning!!!

More house pics to follow as I still have to get all the bushes and decor back in order...

How was the weekend? Log any heavy hitters? Did you get today off for the holiday?


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