Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Because I'm a Runner

Started my Monday off with a beard wax and a facial! Oh it has been forever since I had one... Looks like instant Botox (I think?Actually I'm not sure haha..) And NO makeup!

{Who doesn't love an oatmeal, egg white pancake topped with almond butter?!}

Another week in of logging miles and feel that I am set in motion to keep heading forward! I now refer to myself as a runner LOL I think I like to say it out loud and I answer Pumpkin with everything now  oh it's because Im a runner.. Well it technically has been 3 solid weeks of running which means it is now a habit-WooHoo... Layin tread left and right jk... 

Speaking of tread, left some at the Reservoir yesterday dragging ass all the way around that place. Who decided to turn Summer back on in Nov? Really?! 81 degrees at 11:30am-BARF. Come on let it be cool already. Anyways my run just plain SUCKED. I couldn't get it in gear but oh well. Gotta have those air sucking ones to appreciate the light as a gazelle types that fly by. Melissa did good at the Res tho! Yay Melissa :)

I was thinking about motivation... What motivates and why? While dragging my ass around in low gear I so badly wanted to just quit and walk. Easy right? Yes, (I did walk a bit) but then I looked at everyone else walking and was like hmmmmmm. If it were easy, they would all be doing it. So I dug deep, mentally that is (since we know I didn't dig into the pavement-damn that power of the mind BS) and decided that I am so lucky to be able to run. I am thankful that I can run. That I have the option and choice to run. That I have legs that move, a body that moves and a mind that is willing to listen to my body and learn to accept who I am, how I am and be grateful for every square inch of my being and push myself to be better and stronger. SO I ran. Leaving that place looking like this...

{My clients would run if my hair looked like this all the time Hairdresser WHAT? It looks like this because I am a runner...}

Now, I am only a dog parent, but I know that we all give ourselves to many different people in our lives whether it be work, family, kids, pets or spouses or whatever else. This drains us as women because we do a lot! I want to remind you to take a moment and appreciate yourself and tell yourself 5 things you are grateful for each day. I feel that being grateful can spark an entirely new motivation because we all know motivation comes from within and new running shoes, a cute skirt, new tunes, making it to the next landmark, adding that extra mile, treating yourself with a dessert afterward or a reward, jk... 
Seriously look yourself in the mirror, appreciate who you are and be thankful with gratitude towards yourself and I guarantee that will motivate you with simple positivity come the next run. You can do it! Strong Mind=Strong Body...

{I rewarded myself with this-Panera can you see the damn Christmas decoration in the back on the lamppost? WT??}

And then I came home and walked the dogs for MILES... 
Those poor dogs and their little Chihuahua legs. They're super ripped and buff for CHi's tho thanks to athletic parents-especially one thats a runner ;]

Lessons of the day: 
Run in cooler weather
Stick to your morning training or keep a normal time-consistent (I am always a morning trainer)
Remind yourself to be grateful each and everyday! (Even if its not athletic based! Gratitude is golden!!)


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