Saturday, October 06, 2012

Thank-Fall Home

How are you loving October? 
Well I must admit it is a little hard to get into the Fall spirit when you are sweating beads on a regular basis and still pondering laying out on the weekends. 
Even with the warmth, I admit my mental Fall spirit is here! Plus decorating always helps ;)
I adore this time of year not only as I eagerly await the weather change but also due to the fact that we get {2} Holidays in a row to decorate for!!! 
Here is a little taste of Fall and Halloween combined in our home. Please bear with me as I have just started using Picasa to edit/enhance my photos and I am trying to get to a place that I like how the pictures are turning out. There are a couple from before when I used my iphoto editor and realized that my pumpkins are an electric orange-whoa! LOL 
I am also fiddling around with my point and shoot camera and teetering on the line of a suped-up rig DSLR camera that I can hear off in the near future begging for me.

The Fall table-My mason jar centerpieces have come in handy all over the house for many different decor items

I always like the phrase "you cannot polish a turd" -our front door and the exterior of our home is a turd! 
U-G-L-Y that's all!!! 
My Dad should be coming in the next couple weeks to help us beautify our exterior until then, I needed a distraction

I wrapped cheesecloth around a Styrofoam ring for the wreath and then cut random pieces and pulled on them until they frayed and added burlap left over from the wedding

Great little chalkboard mirror from Ross that was on clearance-do you even know how hard it is to let alone write (in an age of typing and texting) but write on a chalk board?!?! OMG! It took me about 25 tries to get it to this lovely crooked and outlined point! I was done :) I am on the prowl this weekend for a chalk - pen? I love my little pre-lit branches, I actually mixed them in with some real Oak branches from out back to make the bunch look a little thicker

You simply cannot have Fall with out cinnamon scented pine cones ahhh scrumptious!

I am loving our new table from Cost Plus! It is actually really rough feeling in person-the pic makes it look soft. Here are my electric pumpkins ;]

As some of you know, I am obsessed with Candy Corns and the little battery candles from Target-fire proof in a 3-dog home ;]

We spray painted the interior of our fireplace and filled it with vintage candle holders and then placed mason jars on top of them with the battery candles inside

Chalkboard Paint! Amazing for ANYTHING!! Sprayed an old wine bottle and the wrote on it and plopped in a few spiders 

My FAVORITE candy of all time YUMMMMM

(Just ignore the Rubbermaid tub and old TV stand in the background! 
Just when I thought all the pics came out great lol...)

 Have you started decorating yet? 
I'd love to see what you have done. Do you stick to a theme or just choose whatever catches your eye?

Wishing you a lovely Fall so far


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