Monday, October 29, 2012

A-Game & Happy Monday

3 miles reservoir

Happy Monday... :)


Do you ever have those days where it seems like everything just flows your way? Nothing goes wrong at all and even if it did it wouldn't matter! My sibs and I like to call those our "A-game" days. Where every stroke of positivity is in your lane and you are on top of the world ready to conquer anything in your path. Now if only I could bottle that...

 Saturday was that day! From the moment I woke up, peeling my eyelids back, I stepped into my black leopard slippers with a grin and knew it would be a good day. The dogs potty-ed perfect, my hair blew out amazing, my skin looked flawless, legs felt skinny, loved my outfit, got into the car for my puny commute and rocked out to Paradise City by Guns n Roses. 

{Rockin out}

{I am famous for car pictures (again, a legend in my own mind)}

I only had a couple clients that flew by and then Pump and I were off to the Gilroy outlets. 
We had a great time and actually found stuff (sometimes outlets seem like a good idea and then we never find anything we like). But Saturday we went crazy and realized we came home with all workout gear! I suppose that's fitting given the 1/2 marathon training for me and he's always into new workout clothes.

{Being a dork in Nike- I love my Ox-blood dark burgundy denim but they look black in the pic-boo}

We wrapped up our Saturday by watching the Giants win again Yippee!!! 
Had an outstanding day with my Pumpkin!!!


Upon my usual nerd tendencies information sponging, I have come across some great info on having a strong core for increasing your running endurance and performance. Having a strong core is more than a 6-pack and I mean that if you do your core you can reward yourself with a 6-pack! 
Jus sayin...

Anyways, remember to train your core consistently to help enhance your endurance, increase running power and look great in your running gear (that's my little addition)!

Planks topped the charts when it came to core so branch out from your usual mini crunches and do your planks. Be creative and challenge yourself: regular plank, lift one arm out in front, switch arms, lift a leg out back, switch legs and then an opposite leg and arm at a time 
(I fell over lol-but I will get there-its hard when your dogs are doing the limbo under your core practice) I did each one for 30 seconds then took a break and stretched in a weird cat looking position. 

I ran the reservoir today and it felt amazing. I am on my third week of 3 miles, 4x. 
For me that is stellar! All without stopping LoL I know it may be a walk in the park for some of you but lets face it, I haven't run since our wedding in April oh and the weekend we were in San Diego-which accounts for not very much.

Today was my second day using the compression socks. I feel like they are a little nitro button on the back of my tennies. Hey whatever works right?! The white ones I wore today I got at the Nike outlet store over the weekend for $11.99. They are not as tight as my CEPs from Road Runner here which I think I prefer but for now and practice they will get the job done. I already wear my other compression socks and inserts in my work shoes all the time because I stand an un-humanly amount of hours beautifying the world, but my socks from the Scrubs store just didn't look cute for running ;]

{Don't mind the office mess! I still need to paint the entire room, the spare bed frame I have and change out the getto-fab blanket that I think is suppose to be in our camping pile but instead find it more fun to do reckless shopping and run at the reservoir, oh and blog!}

{Ninja Nitro Nike socks- I also think I got a size too big as I had to roll them down!}

I hope you had an outstanding Monday!!!!
Do you ever have days where you're on top of the world? Id love to hear how those feel for you!!

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