Friday, October 19, 2012

9 - Social Media Frenzy

Did you know that a study earlier this year found social media to be more addicting than cigarettes and alcohol?
Wow that's powerful.

Social media, text and email are so much harder to resist because they are so readily available. Where as with alcohol or cigarettes, you have to physically walk to the kitchen to pour another glass or step outside (if you're a considerate one) to smoke a cig. 

We fall victim to feeling like we have to be readily available for everyone and everything because of all the special powers our phones offer these days. But weren't they originally for our convenience rather than the caller, emailer or tagger?

I am witness to it all day long. When women use to enter the salon, they would check in, find a seat on the couches, lean over and grab a magazine or sit there and look around, even engaging in conversation with the other guest near them.
Now, I look up (as I am the first station near all the couches) and every single person, women, men and teens are ALL on their phones. It almost feels as if everyone is afraid to speak or become socially engaged and turn to their phones to fill that social awkwardness. 

I know there are people that maybe the salon outing is their only down time away from work or kids, but I witness this everywhere. I just use the salon as an example because I am there working all the time and see it constantly. However, the DMV, Doctors office, kids volleyball games, the stop light, grocery store you name it just look around!
I am guilty of it too!

Today I am going to use blocks of time for my email, Instagram, FB and other social medias. My other free time whether walking to Starbucks or waiting for a client I am either going to read or engage in regular, old fashion verbal conversation.
Challenge yourself too! I am not saying to quit or not use these means, just keep things in perspective.
Moderation is the key. I too love the iphone and all the amazing things it offers, I just think that we also need to continue building human relationships in person!

Remember: No phone in the car! It can wait :)

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