Tuesday, October 16, 2012

8 - All Smiles

I consider myself a pretty shy person. 
I use to get mistaken for a snotty attitude due to being extremely shy. 
However, as I have grown into my own skin after 30, I have become a little more outgoing and find is less hard to be friendly. 
Not that friendly should be hard, it was the fear of people rejecting me or not liking me that made me steer away from eye contact and smiles. 
You may ask how do I stand behind a chair all day talking to new clients and old clients? 
Actually, I feel safe at work. Maybe because I know my work/trade inside and out that I feel knowledgeable and comfortable, easing the shyness away. But you put me in a room, party or any other social gathering with strangers and I am off in the distance just people watching. 
Funny thing is, most of my friends would talk to a tree... Go figure!!

This leads me to today... I felt like I wanted to step out of the box. Whever I went, whomever I crossed paths with I made the deal with my self to:
 make eye contact, smile and do not be the first one to break away.

My day was awesome! 
I felt a wonderful energy from every person I came into contact with. It felt so good inside to look at a person that seemed like they were wearing a frown or maybe socially uncomfortable too and watch their frown turn upside down!
Also something that I try to remind myself is that we never know what other people are going through. So if someone does not make immediate eye contact or a smile, do not take it personal, try to make it your goal to spread happiness and cheer!!!
All Smiles Today...

Do you ever experience shyness or social anxiety?

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