Thursday, October 11, 2012

4 - New View


I am an extreme creature of habit. 
I have the same routines for practically everything that I do. Whether it is my getting ready for work routine, makeup application, gym workouts or driving routes. I guess that after thinking about it for a bit, breaking it down, I try to figure out the fastest, most efficient way of doing things and I stick to it. 
That is my only explanation.

I was driving and thought I wonder what it would do to me if I took a different route to work this morning? I feel like we get so conditioned to seeing the same sights every single day that we lose sight of them, practically blending them into our drive that we no longer see them at all. 
Kind of like taking things for granted on a larger scale.

I challenged my trusty, boring routine and drove a different route this morning. 
Guess what I saw? 
The sky, the sun, the clouds, two beautiful palms and other lovely trees. The pictures are not nearly as amazing as it was to have seen it firsthand but you get the idea-AWARENESS.

The only other time I EVER take in my surroundings is when we are visiting family in Hawaii or out of the state. On vacation, every single day I see new sights and appreciate them. So how about we do that around home and appreciate where we are NOW! :)

What would you see if you took a different route? Do you get stuck in the same routines as well? 

I challenge you to a New View

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