Saturday, October 27, 2012

28 Things about PG

If you're a girl then I am sure you read US Weekly religiously like moi. I actually look forward to Thursdays when I get home and know it landed in the mailbox. In fact Pumpkin always says "you get a lot of magazines" whatever a girl needs browsing material and has to keep up on who's who in the world. The important things- I know. Im not complaining about tripping over multiple dirt bikes and gas cans in the garage... Jus sayin ;]

I always love seeing that section close to the beginning called 25 Things You Don't Know About Me. Which always makes me wonder if I have 25 things that people do not know about me. So a couple weeks have gone by, I decided to keep track of my little nuances and drum up some old memories and I actually came up with a few. Yes, I even amaze myself that I stumbled upon these silly little things that I kept track of so I could present them to you. Here goes:

  1. My real name is Barbara {don't EVER call me that- actually I wouldn't even answer since that name is only for librarians-sorry Mom :)}
  2. I make the BEST cornbread this side of the Mississippi from scratch- I'm famous for my cornbread ~ at our family gatherings
  3. I eat Oatmeal and Egg Whites 360 mornings a year for breakfast
  4. I cannot stand knives pointing at me in a sink or on the counter, I always turn them around
  5. I only load vitamins in my mouth via my right hand, tried the left and they hit the floor and I gagged on my water
  6. Always put my lipstick on in the car - I love visor mirrors
  7. I read magazines back to front maybe because I am...
  8. Left Handed
  9. I cut hair with my left hand and paper with my right ~ I need a LOT of scissors around
  10. I grew up in a small Country town {You'd never know it until you went camping with us and see my mad country girl skills}
  11. Learned to drive in the snow with a stick ~ good thing I wasn't a coffee drinker yet!
  12. Coffee LOVER ~ I would prefer it intravenously but will settle for a straw
  13. I can cut firewood and start my own fire in a wood stove
  14. Favorite music is George Strait, The Cars, Country & 80's but can only workout to AC/DC types
  15. I have a photographic memory and once worked at a bank and would remember my customers account numbers instead of their names ~ can you say Rain Man CrAzY!!
  16. I drink at least a half gallon of water a day and no I do not go to the bathroom every 3 minutes your body adjusts and your skin will LOVE it too
  17. My siblings are my two best friends
  18. If my Chihuahuas Chi-dren didn't have fur, I would think I gave birth to them
  19. I crave my Pumpkins homemade margaritas
  20. I still want a Unicorn one day since I don't have my trapper-keeper anymore
  21. I wish I was born with airbrush-tanned skin
  22. I talk to my sister and best friend EVERY single day at least 3-10x
  23. I am tropical (thanks L) and want to retire in Hawaii or San Diego 
  24. My best friend and I drove her motor home from CA to Ky all by our big selves!
  25. I use to ditch school and go snowboarding at Donner for $1
  26. PINK is my favorite color and I will accept it in the form of anything
  27. I learned to wakeboard at 28 once we bought a boat and found out I was pretty damn good Guess it was from ditching all my high school days for snowboarding that helped ;] 
  28. I wash my makeup off EVERY single night ~ no exceptions!

Well there you have it! 28 things that are just me. I actually had more than 25 WooHoo!

*Side Note* I have no problem dorking around and will provide you with a few pictures to prove. My BF and I worked at a bank together and one year for Halloween the entire branch was an insane asylum. She was waiting for her mother ship with a tinfoil antenna on her head and well I was normal. I just like to dress uniquely. Could not resist since Halloween is right around the corner!! LoL PDGSV---

Could you dig up 25 things about yourself? I would love to see some! You could always email them to me or leave a few in a comment here...



  1. Love this! I am a lefty too! And always wash my makeup off! Love me some protein pancakes..I live in San Diego county in CA .. and I too would love to live in Hawaii one day!!


    1. I just saw your comment!! Yay for leftys!!!! OMG I am sooo jealous we LOVE San Diego area. If were ever down there agin I will have to say hello :]