Friday, October 19, 2012

12 - Out with the Old

I love clothes.
I love brands. 
I love home decor.
There confession time. 
Who am I kidding, you already know!

Every morning I open my closet to get dressed and I stand there not finding a single garment to put on. Almost always like clockwork, an item falls down on me, a shoe or boot falls out off the shoe rack and I have hangers galore hooked on other hangers that are in the way for a clear view. 

Do you have these closet issues?

Clothes, shoes, bags and oh EVERYTHING I own is hard to part with. 
For some reason I think it is going to come back in style and I will want it then (but I won't, I'd just want a new updated version). It is time to let go!

Today I am going through my closet and if I have not worn an item in 6 months. Off with its leg or sleeve. Or off to ebay to sell...

Do you have a hard time parting with clothes or home decor? 

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