Friday, October 19, 2012

10 - A Solid Run

Have you ever started something over-brand new?
Well, with my small, little goal of a half marathon lingering in the back of my head, it suddenly occurred to me the other day that 2+ solid hours of running may be awhile.
Running is something that I feel I am starting at the beginning with. 
Well you know, I have the attention span of a gnat! 
I flip through oh lets say a meager 15 songs on a 2 mile run, pressing next, next, next what on earth will I do for two hours? 
Better yet, of course I will have a playlist or 4 that will have enough music for a weekend music festival- will I run a solid TWO hours? 
That is the real question!

I have always been a recreational runner. You know the one that does it 6 weeks before the tropical vacation, 8 weeks before our wedding or while on vacation as it seems effortless and oh so easy to get up and want to do it while there. 
I do not wake up everyday and strap on the Asics to head outdoors and pound the pavement. 
I wake up excited to drink my coffee, peck around online, cruising through home blogs and fashion sites.
I would rather eat super duper clean, lift weights and walk the dogs then spend countless, boring hours on a hamster machine cardio equipment.
Enter challenge: Half Marathon.
I surely cannot be the only one to wonder or have trouble wrapping my mind around running for that long and actually enjoying it?! 
So... I spent this entire week running. I did most of it outside and one day on the treadmill. Thanks to the handy app Map My Run I found out that I am actually better outdoors and find the scenery and air much more enjoyable and motivating than the treadmill with the flat screen in the garage. It has begun to get dark early and I am a total chicken so we will see how my outdoor attendance holds up. 

Today I ran 2.5 miles without stopping, changing songs, taking off my sweatshirt or re-tieing my Asics (all of which are the tiniest little excuses to take a stop-LOL)
I know you understand!

Do you think you could run without stopping? Even just a couple miles? Do you make silly little excuses to quit? Doesn't it feel amazing when you set a mini challenge and complete it?

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