Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Sunday!

Good Morning!

Happy Sunday...

We have been working so hard on our house lately, that it has been challenging to a find balance in time. Work-house-dogs-life-blog-so much to do so little time.

Our house was recently tented for termites, therefore making us homeless for the weekend with three dogs. Thank goodness for my sis and her family coming to the rescue! It's amazing when you are stripped from your home and all of your material items and left with just the important essentials, how clearly everything comes into perspective of what is truly important! We had a nice weekend playing with the kids, taking walks, (obsessed over pinterest-shhh) and also visiting with family. Of course in a nut shell, our house survived her tent and bugging, the dogs are happy to be home with their yard and the Mr and I are back to the never ending road of hanging crown molding! 

Life is GOOD!!

Finishing up crown, finalizing my Fall decor and maybe heading out for a little shopping today (fingers crossed-I haven't explored retail therapy in FOREVER!) I hope to have more home pics soon! Promise!! 

Happy Fall again :) I just LOVE this time of year!!!! It makes me grateful every morning I wake up to the crisp air.

(Tiff, Coco and Haley-ahhh they have amazing lives!)

Here is one of my favorite Autumn quotes. 
It has found a lovely spot on the chalkboard in our dining room.

Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the Autumn tree. 
-Emily Bronte

Happy Sunday

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