Monday, August 06, 2012


After Saturday's post on Gratitude, I had an enormous feeling of lightness and clarity. It felt as if I had ripped off a 100-pound coat and was ready to sprint alongside the Olympic athletes (and maybe do a hurdle! lol).

Reminding myself to be grateful for everything around me completely catapulted my thinking into the opposite direction, the route of being and heading back on track. With that being said, this weekend I would randomly google gratitude, attitude, a state of being and everything else pertaining to awareness and being in the moment. As I said on Saturday {here}, instead of waiting until the end of the day to be thankful, acknowledge it first off and start your day with a positive boost.

Leading me into "Twinkle"...

I spent some time fiddling with the thesaurus trying to create a a fun, playful, play on words name for an attitude of gratitude weekly title. Then I realized I needed my office light on, reached over to turn on the light and a-ha! Light, illuminated, shining in the moment and twinkling! I always stared up at the stars as a child and was enamored with them. I would see them twinkle, make a wish and watch them shine bright with a flicker until I fell asleep. Twinkle shot into my mind and so the nerd that I am I looked up the definition:

1. to shine with a flickering gleam of light, as a star or distantlight
2. to sparkle in the light
3. (of the eyes) to be bright with amusement, pleasure, etc.
4. to move flutteringly and quickly, as flashes of light; flit.
5. Archaic. to wink; blink
6. to emit (light) in intermittent gleams or flashes.
7. Archaic. to wink (the eyes or eyelids)
8. a flickering or intermittent brightness or light.
9. a scintillating brightness in the eyes; sparkle
10. the time required for a wink; twinkling
11. Archaic. a wink

I felt that with 100% of my heart and soul that "Twinkle" summed up being in the moment, an attitude of gratitude, being thankful, appreciative for all things and moments around me and a wonderful reminder word that I would always relate to a positive feeling within myself to share and be grateful!!! Hearing the word twinkle makes me smile. I will be sharing twinkle moments on Mondays as a reminder to start off the week in a positive manner. Being grateful can pertain to a whole slue of things. It can be as simple as a flower, a person, a feeling or whatever you choose to be grateful for. Anything that makes you smile, feel good and thankful/grateful for your gift of life...

"Gratitude is the single most important ingredient to living a successful and fulfilled life." 
~Jack Canfield~

Twinkle Moments:

{First time we had Chinese in FOREVER- "heart" my fortune, seems fitting}

{Day trip to Bodega Bay with the Mr}

{Gorgeous Dahlia from a wonderful client}

{Pink and white striped building made me smile especially filled with salt water taffy}

Happy Twinkling... 

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