Friday, August 17, 2012

Friendship Fondness

Friendship bracelets are EVERYWHERE and I am loving it!!
Who doesn't love a gorgeous, fun, simple friendship bracelet that reminds you of passing notes in class, making/exchanging bracelets with girl friends {while listening to New Kids on the Block or watching Sixteen Candles and License to Drive} and making a wish when you looked down and saw that it was no longer on your wrist?! 
Well I still LOVE them....
I had my niece over a couple weekends ago. She is only 5 and can already make the most simple form of a friendship bracelet and proceeded to make them for our entire family including the Mr. 
Yes he flattered her (as she is one of his favorite little people) and wore it until she left. 

I was browsing the magazines and came across this inspiration photo and decided to make my own with a boring brown bracelet that I already had. I tested my skills and can still make the traditional all thread ones too, but I really liked the more chic look of this style :)

{inspiration photo}

{my precious little person-concentrating and hard at work;) }

Thanks for stopping by and I challenge you to take a few minutes, be creative and take a step back to the past with a bracelet :)


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