Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Drugstore Favorites

I have to admit, I "LOVE" going into the drugstore and snooping around at all of the beauty products. 
It's like a calming little guilty pleasure of mine. I do the same thing from time to time at my beauty supply houses but there is something different about the drugstore that makes you feel like you're getting a better deal. Then I remember when I get home and swipe on that lipgloss that looked amazing in the tube at the store and actually smell/feel it on my lips and ewwwww! Then instantly I was reminded why I stick with higher end products for certain things! On the other hand, there are drugstore items that I just cannot live without. 

I get asked so many different questions all of the time varying from favorite nail polish colors, mascaras, lotions, hair care items and razors. So I decided to compile a list of my latest faves from the drug store...

On a side note pertaining to drugstores, most of the time I go to Rite Aid, CVS or Walgreens. All of which carry most of the same items I just like CVS and Rite Aid as you always get coupons for $ off to use the next time. 

Mascara: I have two favorites now. If you know me or have been around awhile, then you know my absolute love and go-to mascara is the Cover Girl Lash Blast. I have now added a new baby to the collection of mascara cocktailing. The Loreal Voluminous Full Definition. AMAZING!!! And yes, I did say cocktail-meaning mix them together! I use the lash blast first and then keep layering with voluminous. If it gets clumpy then I just go over it a little with the lash blast brush and that evens it all back out.
Razors: I was asked this last weekend which razor I prefer these days. It was funny to actually answer with a "mans razor" as that made me laugh out loud a bit. Then as I was asked why and started to deliver the answer it all made sense. I have always used the Gillette Mach 3 razor. The reason I use this over the women's Venus or whatever other pretty pink feminine attracting razors there are is because it WORKS! {Even though I am a sucker for pink pretty and girly} I feel that if a razor is going to shave a mans prickly face smooth as can be, then it is going to do a damn good job on my legs. The women's versions always felt like they left a stubble, didn't get close enough and just seemed really bulky to me. This one just glides smoothly and gets the job done!

Tanning: My latest favorite and obsession! She is keeping me colored and feeling good. With buying a house my time has been limited with sun exposure and this little beauty is keeping that secret at bay ;] Still after using an entire bottle ok two, I have not experienced a single streak. I even have my mom using this on her legs-streakfree!

Clarifying Shampoo: We all need to clarify our hair, especially in the summer. If you spend any amount of time in a swimming pool {salt or chlorine}, sweating and or the use of a lot of hair products you need to clarify your hair regularly. Suave makes a great alternative to spending big $ and gets the job done great. However, you do have to put on a massive deep conditioning treatment after clarifying to replenish moisture. I clarify one or two times a month. Our water is strange and heavy so I feel that after I clarify, my hair has its natural body and bounce back. Plus you cannot go wrong with $.99!!

Deep Conditioner: Haircare in the drugstore is usually foreign to me as I have access to all of my own beauty supplies I frequent as a hairdresser. SO, I decided to take a lap around all of the hair products and this Coconut Milk Conditioner jumped off the shelf and into my basket. Perfect for right after clarifying. I will keep you posted as to how I feel about my results using the product!!! But so far the scent is wonderful and I am a Coconut fanatic!!!

Blotting Sheets: These sheets are a must have in your makeup bag for the warm summer months. They are super cheap {compared to MAC} and get the job done! I like oil blotting sheets when you're sweating so that you don't feel like you are layering powder over and over caking makeup on all day. Men can even use these and they will not leave residue on their skin.   

Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil: Last but not least my eyebrow pencil. I originally bought this for my 90 year old granny but found myself sneaking into it first and fell in love. {Yes I did go back and buy her another one} For $3 you cannot go wrong. It has a small brush on the cap so if you get a little too much on, then just brush it back off or blend it in. Brows are the frame of your face, so do not forget to pencil them in a little and immediately see how much they open your eyes and give you that youthful look of being refreshed!
As always, thank you for all of your questions! Please keep them coming and I will answer them to the best of my Shopping-ability! 


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