Thursday, August 02, 2012

DIY-Mixed Metals

Dainty jewelry is making a comeback. 
Large chunky pieces are still here and there but smaller, more feminine necklaces, layered and or alone are slowly creeping in. I love the use of mixed metals as you can accessorize them with either or both throughout the rest of your repertoire. 

I came across a picture somewhere for inspiration {can't find the pic now} so here is my easy DIY guide on what I made and I happened to have EVERYTHING I needed in my craft box.
Pliers, Measuring Tape, Silver & Gold Metal Chain, Jump Rings and Closures

Hold the chain up to establish desired length, cut and attach closure

Same for other the side and leave the bottom open

I cut the silver pieces with each one a tad longer so they would drape as the necklace was worn and strung them on the jump ring, then attached the jump to the gold chain

 Happy Metal Mixing!!!


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