Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Blog Post 101


I have had a challenging couple weeks to say the least. I consider myself a pretty happy, even-keel, loving coffee and gym highs kinda person. However, lately I have been a bit down and out, lacking the words or answer as to why. 

Driving. Thinking. Driving. Thinking. Talking. Talking and more Talking. Thinking.
Soul searching Internet/blog cruising, and new house decorating has led me to another path of creativity where I have discovered a new passion! 
Home Decor!! 

I have discovered, I am in love and feel most at peace when I am shopping for the house, decorating, comparing paint swatches, arranging flowers and setting up hutch displays for all of my gorgeous dishes.  

In the beginning, I started my blog to help share all of my beauty parlor tips and tricks-due to my hair dresser nature. 
I never had a definitive idea of where I wanted my blog to head or a precise subject to be more clear. Coming from an extreme black and white nature, I mean focused-trying-to-be more of a gray being, {thinking I could only write about one thing or two;]} I felt limited. But why be limited? 
I consider myself to be eclectic {yes I am turning into my mother} 
therefore not able to really pin myself down to a single subject for my blog {phew-glad I let up on the black and white!} or anything pertaining to my life for that matter. 
Then it occurred to me-why narrow it down? Let this place be me and reflect me in every way, shape  and form {see becoming gray-thanks Mom!}. 
There is no need to conform to just hair or fashion or makeup or DIY or home stuff. 

After all, I have a gift to do MANY different things and knowing that for sure has inspired me to keep brainstorming, writing, sharing and sending out each post with love.

Part of creating my blog was to help share with my family, best friends and wonderful clients and those that had moved away. It was a source to help us all still feel connected through out different time zones, kids, husbands and or relocated jobs. Most of all, it has allowed me the freedom to explore and navigate through a new world, one that I am fascinated with and feel like I have found a path of direction for the first time in a long time. I love SO many different things in life. Not just hair or fashion or home.
 I LOVE them ALL... 
Funny how realizing things about yourself at 34 can lift a ton of bricks off ya ;]

This post is not about Blog Posting 101 or how to post but however is my 
101st Blog Post!!!
Can you believe I already have a 100 under my blogger belt? Well thank you for your continued support, friendships and love!!! You mean the world to me and I am thankful for each of you!!!!
Happy 60th to my Momma!!!! I love you to pieces!!!!

Have an amazing evening!!!

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