Saturday, August 04, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude

Lately I have been in a funny little slump. I know you would probably say or ask why with disbelief, but it is true and yet I have been trying to figure out how it crept its little behind into my mind. At first, I could not put my finger on it. It felt like the world around me was disintegrating on a daily basis. Everywhere I turned or looked it was a negative situation resulting in an emotional feeling of negativity and anger. Whether I was cut off by another driver, involved in a negative conversation at work, lacked the desire to workout, awoke each day with a blah attitude or just plain had negative self-talk in my mind that would not go away. Nothing I did, bought, thought or ate (lack of eating as I am not a stress eater but did even offer myself donuts) made me feel good.

After some serious thought, brainstorming with a few wonderful people in my my life and down home soul-searching, I came up with the solution! I have been immensely lacking in my gratitude department! Being grateful is not hard to do at all. However, not taking the time to be grateful can really wreak havoc on your life and mental well-being. 

We have had an amazing first half of the year so far. We were blessed to get married in Hawaii on the island of Maui in April, came home to wonderful careers, a beautiful teenage daughter, two amazing dogs and bought a house in July! 
WOW-That was an eventful 3 months!!! 
No wonder I have slipped in being, acting, practicing and feeling grateful. I was busy distracted. But that is NO EXCUSE! All of those things had me wrapped up in a mental diversion and even though they were all positives, I lost sight of needing to continue being grateful as I was living each one in the moment. Which is fine and dandy but you still need to be grateful and calm your mind daily.
Having an attitude of gratitude is healthy for your body. Being grateful and focusing on all your blessings in life attract more of those positive things into your life. This will help your relationships flourish and reduce negativity.

Everywhere I look or read, they say to start off choosing 5 things you're grateful for. I have done this in the past and laid in bed at the end of the day reciting the things I was grateful for throughout my day. But this time, I am switching it up and starting my day off with an Attitude of Gratitude! Then I have no excuse or accidentally get tired and have it slip my mind at night but am actually present and starting my day off with amazing self-talk!

I challenge you to take a moment each morning to find gratitude for at least one thing even if you're happy to be alive, when you first awaken, while you're brushing your teeth or driving to work in commute. Take a moment, look around and just say "thank you"... We have an amazing gift each and every day- Life!

A few things I am grateful for:

 {My Pumpkin}


{2-four-legged children & the ability to run}



{Home Sweet Home}

{Amazing Parents}

{Anything with SPRINKLES!}

{Wedding of a lifetime- Maui, Hawaii}

I am GRATEFUL for all of you!!!

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