Monday, July 16, 2012

Gray Obsessions

Now that we are FINALLY homeowners, changing the entire digs is up for whatever the Mr and I decide to do. Ahhh, what a sense of freedom at last!

We painted the hall wall first, however it was dark and eh, um needs a little touch up in a few {hundred} spots but I got bored of that and moved on to the bathroom seeking out something that could deliver more instant gratification. Only to find when we took the mirror out, there was {in my mind a secret passage, or money stash spot ;] nope just cob webs} a HOLE! Boo... Mr immediately was like "we need to plug that and cannot have an entryway for critters" eek,  that meant delay, for sure. Now, teetering on being bored, I decided to plow through it and wait for Mr to bring home a piece of Sheetrock to plug the passageway.

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite photo inspirations from Pinterest for the bathroom. Gray and white are pretty much my top two LOVES for the space. I think I am so gray obsessed that if I could paint everything different gray tones I would :] But I won't! Because I might get fired as a Mrs...

(all images via interest)

I will post pics of our before and afters as soon as we complete the room!!
Happy Painting!!!

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