Thursday, July 19, 2012

DIY Copper Rings

Making your own jewelry can be so relaxing and a lot of fun. Not only is it totally custom, it just costs pennies and a little bit of your time. To me, it is very therapeutic. 

My inspiration was that I started off making each of my bridesmaids a hanger for their dresses with their own names on them (I will post pictures later). With that little task, I always kept the thought to do the same thing on a smaller scale like jewelry that would take a smaller, softer wire in the back of my head. 

One of my little grabs at Michaels was the Copper Wire 16 gauge. I like the two different pliers as there are times you need to bend a letter in a fierce turn (short nose pliers) and then you need the longer ones for softer turns like an 'o'. For snipping, I use the inside of the shorter ones and that always works well. If you get a sharp edge, I would just use a nail file to soften it a bit. 

Practice makes perfect with these little buggers. There are some letters that are finger numbing to get into the right direction. However, I do promise that when all is said and done, you will smile knowing that you made the new ring or bracelets that you have on to accessorize .   


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